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December 19, 2008


In China, the monkeys are fighting back, and in London the gorillas are emitting flatulence at the Code Red level.

This has been your Primate Advisory.

(Thanks to Siouxie and Don Westblade)


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2) Only two post tagged to ?

1) OK, so if you get beaten by your monkey, that means you are the one being cruel to animals?

Animal owners, beware. If evolution is right, it all starts with the monkey.

"Silverback Flatus" WBAG... no, it wouldn't.

Was there a big, black, rectangular monolith nearby?...

I guess this is like beating the monkey - only different.

Monkey spanks man. Film at eleven.

My God! It's full of Brussels sprouts .....

Brussels Sprouts + Gorillas = Bad Situation

This wasn't predictable?

I'm waiting for slyeyes (motto: Brussels Sprouts are Evil) to comment.

Good for the monkeys. The a$$hat trainer didn't even sound surprised that they hated him.

Our German shepherd likes to munch on frozen Brussels sprouts. Yes, it causes farting, but pretty much everything does, with him.

At least they're not lighting them.

That would be a code crimson.

Three cheers for the monkeys! Too bad there's no video.

Funny, the same thing happens to me when I eat Brussel Sprouts.

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