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December 21, 2008


Man allegedly beats another man for urinating on his leg

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Typical dog guy - marking his territory.

The poor defendant doesn't have a leg to piss on, er, a pot to stand in, er, how does that go again?

I bet he was really pissed.

Was it raining at the time?

My book about this

Seems reasonable enough . . .

The Polish have nothing to go on.

Wait for the shake.

I think he jumped the shake.

Pantless Hoon and the Angry Sleeper?

Pee on me, when you're not strong,
I won't be your friend, put away your dong,
For, it won't be long,
'til I'm gonna need somebody to pee on.

I hope he washed his hands before leaving.

Urine the money.
Urine the money.
I'm gonna win this case,
Because my lawyer says you're wrong.

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