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December 19, 2008


(Thanks to Dr. Doug)


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I'll drink to that!

Good to see from the "Other News in Sweden" pictures that Abba's legacy is still carried on. Well, at least their old costumes are still being worn. I think the guy in the back is wearing Benny's and Bjorn's outfits sewn together.

Same as post-weed munchies, isn't it?

Not that I would know, you understand...

I volunteer for research. You DO provide the beer and chips, right?...

Key insightful comment here, “Our hypothesis now is that alcohol has a direct affect on the brain.”

Ya think?

Yes, Jeff in Ann Arbor, they should be a shoo-in for this year's No Sh!t, Sherlock award.

I am shooe hungree right now.

I wonder how much grant money he/she/they got for this study?

Dude! *shakes head sadly*

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