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December 23, 2008



(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Allen at Division)


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Pfftt! My ex-girlfriend had MUCH more scorpion venom!...

eww. and double-ewwww.

Spouse of the year caption to that picture: Thailand's 'Scorpion Queen' Kanchana Kaetkaew is given a scorpion by her husband Boonthawee Seangwong, to keep in her mouth, in Pattaya city, Chonburi province, Thailand.


Oh sure... she'll put that in her mouth.....

I'm willing to bet she's single. Not sure why.

cj? you know that scorpion you brought over last week? NO!NO!NO!

Siouzie, and i bet her husband putting it into her mouth is single too. :P

Oops. My bad. Thanks for pointing that out, Joben. We wouldn't want Dave to think I don't read EVERYTHING he posts now would we?? ;-P

"Kanchana is currently aiming for a number of Guinness World Records, among them keeping a scorpion in her closed mouth longer than any human being..." and for dumbest, carbon-based, biped.

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