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December 03, 2008


Boulder Police: Stolen undergarment gallery online

The gallery is here. For the record: we do not recognize anything.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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I'm guessing Missing Item #18 was taken from CJ's house.

I notice that you did not link this article because of Mr. Cox's name, Dave. I'm so glad you stick to your principles!

I just can't imagine the person who would step up and claim their undies after this.

Ew. I think most people would not want them back.

No. 035 looks like uncomfortable underwear.

How do you wear #11?

Hmmmm, see my cheerleader uniform, but don't see the spankies. Wonder why they're not pictured ????

#11 might be mine.

Fruit of the Loon.

Hmm. I thought I had gotten rid of my purple granny panties. We'll I'll be.

"Cox" is bad enough. But the police contacts are "Jane Harmer" and "P.J. Shields." Any relation to Panty Shields?

I like the way the cops co-ordinated the undies, rather than just throwing them all together. I wonder if the cops washed them, first? I didn't see any tobacco stains. You'd think a perv would want soiled undies, y'know?

Wonder which cop was responsible for the "alleged" undies after they were apprehended. You know, chain of custody and all. Bet it was a lady cop. A guy wouldn't have washed 'em. Betchya.

Aaah, another case solved. Back to the blog mines. Didjya hear the one about the rental Navy?

This is why one should not wear undies. God only knows how many panty pervs are out there.

*checks drawers (Har!)* Nope, Sio, not mine.

Siouxie has a point...

engaging in a sexual act by himself with women’s underwear

Step right up. Reclaim your unmentionables. Hello? Bueller?

*snork* @ CJ

The thief stole cheerleading outfits AND undies. That narrows the victims down to cheerleaders who wear undies. Can't be THAT hard to find the owners.

Maybe he was going to start a used lingerie store called Wesley's Secret is Out.

"Anyone with information about Cox..."

Really? With a story like this?

*checks drawers for drawers* Whew! Yep, all there...

I'm just going to teach my daughter not to wear any underwear at all in order to avoid lecherous behavior from taking place.

A headline below the article is "Front Range Briefs." Apparently, this is nothing unusual in Colorado.

I lost a black bra about six months ago, and it's still missing. I'm not saying where...or when...or how...or what I might have been doing when said bra went AWOL. I'm just sayin'.

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