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December 08, 2008


But that might not be an entirely good thing.

(Thanks to Steve "The Amazing Steve™" Pietrowicz)

(And in case you were wondering: Yes, this blog is planning to march once again with the Lawn Rangers)


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Given that there aren't any rooms available for a few hundred mile radius, I hope that one of the "fun and innovative" options will not involve violations of local ordinances regarding exposure of certain body parts.

YAY! Dave will be at the Inaugural Extravaganza Obamapalooza! Maybe we'll get live parade blogging.

And, for the record, that made the front page of the local paper.

I have NEVER been prouder to be an American citizen.

Change we can de-weed in?

Well, mow me down!

That's edgy.

Talk about a grass-roots campaign!

OK, I am done.

Dave, you may have very distinguished company.

Jesse White has been Secretary of State in Ill. for a while now. Oh well...a tumbler signing drivers licences and this character from the senate to the White House.

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