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December 18, 2008


Australian insect repellent.

(Thanks to Danny)


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I just used some this morning.

Wait, what?

Side effects includes blindness and hairy palms.

*yanks extra 's' from post*

*squints to read label.
*looks down and notices that I have not shaved my palms recently.

At least I don't have any mosquito bites.

"Yanks", Siouxie? Hmmmmm.....

for all you whackers out there.

or for use on aussie insects... i guess it doesnt work on any others, besides, your hands might be too busy...

As used by the Armed Forces

And by most other guys who spend a lot of time away from home.

Mr. Miagia say, "Wack on! Wack off!"

Sorry, Meanie.

*gently pulls extra 's' from post*


Never mind, Sioux. I shouldn't be such a jerk about such things.

Looks like the 's' is still there. Might have to beat it o try something else.

Scrolling down, we see they also offer the Bushman spray option.

Pffffft Danny! Where do you get off saying I don't know how to finish what I started??


I wholly endorse this product. I have not been bothered by an Australian insect since I was thirteen.

Wayne, I saw that. No one likes a bush full of insects.

Why use bug spray to rid your bush of insects, when it would be more practical to us a defoliant.

as recommended by Onan O'Brien...

*sneaks back to transform us into use

I,personnally, liked the "enlarge" button.

I am SO getting the traveling wine pack.

I have never used this product. Also, the Detroit Lions are the best team in the NFL.

Speaking of non sequiturs: The bot's name is Rebecca. I received the following message this morning (along with about 90 others) with the subject line "Lets get naked":


i loved your profile please email me back so we can chat ang get to know eachother


I think she's stalking me!

I wonder if it is a pump-activated bottle or single use sprayer?

I do not need it.There are no Australian insects here.Maybe someone has already used it here and that's the result.I keep a dog to scare away tigers and that works well too.There are no tigers here.

ron, 90% of all men admit to using this product. The other 10% are liars.

If, after 4 hours, you're still bothered by insects, call a doctor.

This stuff works great!

I've heard this company also produces a sunscreen specifically tailored to women. The spokes-mascot is a little koala named Robert. I think the product is called "Bob's No-Sun-Stroke".

"Shake well before using, some spilling of contents may occur."

*snork* @ Sharkie!

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