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November 11, 2008


As you may know, I am a veteran member of the world-famous Lawn Rangers precision lawnmower drill team, whose members march every year at the Broom Corn festival in Arcola, Ill., as well as various other events, depending on how drunk they are scheduling. (I have written two columns about the Lawn Rangers, which can be found here and here.) The Lawn Rangers perform highly sophisticated semi-synchronized maneuvers with lawnmowers, brooms, and toilet plungers. Membership in this crack unit is a great honor, bestowed only on whoever shows up very few people.

Today I received an email from Lawn Rangers co-founder Pat Monahan, with a photograph taken in 2003 when the Rangers marched in the Chicago St. Patrick's Day parade. Joining them on this occasion was an up-and-coming Illinois state senator, seen here participating in the rigorous rookie-training program:



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Spike...I hear ya...me too; but then I'm always scared to death, no matter who it is. Haven't made it through an election yet without thinking, "Oh my GOD!!! What did [we/they] just do!??" Since I'm a geezerette, that takes us through a lot of administrations, starting with JFK. I was too young to vote then, but remember watching his inauguration on the B&W TV in my dorm lounge, and thinking, "Sh*t! This is NEVER gonna work!"
But...grizzled old pols like Johnson, persistent comeback kids like Nixon (I'll NEVER understand that second term), the unelected (Gerry Ford), the pure (almost) of heart like Jimmy, the mythic Reagan...somehow they, and we, keep on keepin' on. May we continue to do so; and God bless us, every one.
NOTE: I'm Tiny Tim, and I approved this message.

Wow, talk about a cathartic thread. Mud, I too backed off and went back to blurking as the blog started to feel a lot less fun and even mean-spirited when people started taking political potshots. Maybe part of it is that we all have had so much fun with each other that it comes as a total shock when the real world intrudes and we realize that we don't have as much in common as we thought...

I agree with Dave - we need more gin, although personally I prefer scotch. :-)

Man, who would have ever known how appropriate an image this would turn out to be.

President-elect Barack Obama, soon to be our 44th president, will need an industrial strength toilet plunger to unclog that which Bush and Cheney have plugged up with all their (expletive deleted) over the past eight years.

Will a President Obama be up to the task? Or will he get a severe case of Lawn Ranger's elbow, or will he be driven away by the stench of what he finds in the White House?

"Waaaaaa, my candidate lost. Waaaaaaaaaa!"

Suck it up you big babies. You sore losers. (I had to hear that crap for eight freaking years. Now it's YOUR turn. How do YOU like it?)

"Waaaaaaa, Obama is going to RUIN this country. Waaaaaaaa! [Insert plunger wisecrack here.]"

McCain supporters and Republicans need to GROW A FREAKIN' BRAIN! Obama was elected because Bush and the GOP messed this country up beyond belief - with the full and enthusiastic support of John McCain. How the he11 is somebody who voted WITH Bush 96% of the time going to fix the mess Bush got us into? Saying you're a reformer and a maverick doesn't make it so. His record proved McCain was just another Republican yes-man, and the majority of the people saw through that BS. Too bad the rest of you were dumb enough to buy into it.

Suck it up, lamers. Suck it up.

Judi, no, but I live nearby.

Just the right instrument for unclogging that national drains !

I believe we need to ratchet the rhetoric down, as it seems we can no longer tell the difference between humor and actual animosity, and we stand much too ready to accuse each other of not loving our country when we offer legitimate criticism.

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