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November 11, 2008


Do not click here.


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MKJ won't.

All I can say is...eeeeek!!

Although...once you go black...

Hat trick!

Could be a great conversation starter . . .

Bet he is a smoker.

We do NOT need photos, please....

no, seriously. DO NOT want to see photos.

Same thing happened to me.

Did he get matching nipples?

Sounds like he is planning litigation already....
He needs to keep a stiff ....never mind
Did it get bigger after it turned black?

He should've stopped wishing to be hung like a black dude.

i see the red floor and
i fear my taint, it black
i would just like for the feeling
to come back!
they said my life was bad
with an unsightly wart
i hope they spend their lives
drawn up before a court!

i wonder what i've done
for this to occur to me
you can't imagine what
comes out when i stand up to pee!

i doubt there's an upside to
necrosis of the groin
i don't think there's a support
group that would even let me join!

i see my doctors and wish their
taints were black
of all my organs why this one must i
suffer the lack?

Siouxie got a hat trick on this thread? Hmmm...perhaps a black hat?

insom - Stones??

Duh. Of course it is!

*tips hat to insom*

siouxie- bingo!

Sounds like he really got the shaft.

You are truly a very sick individual, insom. That's what I like about you.

He should have tried the age old cure for warts: Swing a dead cat over your head in a graveyard after midnight.
The old cures are always better.
Like my mum always said, never trust a doctor.

Can't believe nobody has commented on the double-entendre in the headline...

We won't.

A new Spiderman Super villain -
Doc CockOp

I did not have sexual relations with that man.

If it was the Sun, they would have published the pictures.

Excellent, insomniac. One of my favorites.

Key line I never want to read again: The internal bleeding caused his penis and testicles to turn black - and his testicles swelled to more than three times their normal size.

I've seen pictures like this before. It's petty amazing that y'all menfolk can swell up like that and still survive. Usually.

Why can't I get that picture of a "puffer" frog from my mind?

suzyQ no more amazing than the swelling that goes on during pregnancy.

The picture next to the article looks like it belongs in some 1-900 personal line ad.

Oh dear. Owie.

Territorians (and some others) may remember an NT tourism advertising jingle which went something like....
It's just a part of the story of the Northern Territory,
It's where op cock ups will turn it black (with sheen?),
It's just a part of the story of the Northern Territory,
It's where Royal Darwin is not a surreal dream,
It's just a part of the story of the Northern Territory,
It's at RDH you hear the patients scream,
continue ad nauseum......

"Next thing I started feeling a bit warm about the groin," he said.

It's amazing that this sentence can be found in an incredibly bad story such as this, or in an incredibly good story.

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