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November 25, 2008


Is there anything it can't do?

(Thanks to Danny)


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Where is everybody?

Premiering for the holidays: Joseph Gigger in Miracle On 32 Ounce


On second thought, he might get far on foot.

Are you sure it wasn't a Red Bull? That stuff gives you wings.

It wont pay your bills.

Mr. Potter?! You can WALK?!?...

I thought that only happened with Johnny Walker.


"Officers have seen him on foot during previous encounters, and he once was accused of ramming a squad car twice with the chair."

I've never seen one of these with a handicapped sticker/placard before.

Usually with enough beer most people end up kneeling anyway.

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Budweiser": He gets sober the more he drinks.

Was Joe Biden anywhere in the vicinity?

The Habitual Squatters of Room 722 WBAGNFARB..or horror movie or something.

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