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November 18, 2008


Be careful.

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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So he was able to finger the chair in question?

Cook said it's also affected Albanese's ability to play the banjo, which he does as part of his act.

Well, it's nice to see that some good came out of it.

Now is "Martha Stewart nipping off a part of your manlihood" a euphamism for Insider Trading, or is it the other way around?

At least it didn't snap his genitalia.

I wonder if he has problems on long flights next to sleeping women now too?

"The lawsuit ..... claims that Kmart and Martha Stewart Living were negligent in failing to issue a warning that the chair was defective ...."

Um..... right. I would certainly expect to see chairs displayed for sale with "Defective" warning labels, wouldn't you?

"Defective chairs now available in assorted colors and styles. Choose from collapsing, sagging, or tipping models, with easy to use attachments for limb severing and organ puncture. While supplies last."

"... he does various slight-of-hand tricks," Cook said.

It's sleight-of-hand! Yeesh, young, dumb journalists. Let's cut off the tips of their fingers. Somebody order some Martha chairs.

"He's a very accomplished musician and as part of his work, he does various slight-of-hand tricks," Cook said.

Don't all famous musicians do magic too? Those Rock Bottom Remainders got to spruce up their act!

but now he is 'slight of hand'...

Reminds me of the HSN video of the guy demonstrating that the double-fold ladder was in "locked position" by climbing on it--it snapped up like a lounge chair in a Three Stooges movie!

Hey, don't worry. See this finger here? Same thing happened to me. You'll be back to your sleight-of-hand and smoke and mirrors in no time.

*smacks Iowa editors with the slight of my hand*

Albanese? Does he have gonnegtions, iykwim?

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