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October 21, 2008



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Such vulgarity. Tusk, tusk....

By way of explanation. This has been a pooblic service announcement.

Well, pachy-doodle-doo.

So, you two made an appearance at the SF Chronicle?

Is that Ridley's "I'm making a poo for money!" look?

RIDLEY's poo?


If we're talking elephant poo, I'd pay good money for an umbrella.

African or Asian? Or is that profiling? That little yellow sign is certainly profiling.

Ees some sort djoke?

There, there, Vlad. Not to worry; no elephant will ever poop on you. Sleepy time now....

Ridley is a good name.

And anybody who writes books that start with "Killer" is OK by me.


Killer Moon.

sham poo or real poo ?(accept no substi-toots!)

I've heard that McCain's trying to raise more money but selling Republican poo is a lost cause I think.


Taken with the "Crapcam" (tm) no doubt!

Elephant poop? Are we talking size or source?

Poor Ridley! Those light beams streaming from his forehead must really hurt.

Anyone see the irony of Dave and Ridley on a Strumpet tour, and a Poo Sold Here sign? No? OK, my bad.

Not your bad at all, random. I thought about that too, and then about how clever it was of Dave to include only Ridley in the picture.

Anyone seen Punkin?

Punkin Poo?

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