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October 21, 2008


Police in Ohio say an 89-year-old woman is facing a charge of petty theft because neighborhood children accuse her of refusing to give back their football.

(Thanks to Chris Kaiser)


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I say charge them with trespassing and vandalism for all the grass they stomped on getting their darned ball. Personal responsibility much, Dad? Sheesh.


At least her parents didn't name her "Ima"..

The woman was a cheerleader who suffers from dementia. She had just tried on her uniform when the football sailed into her yard.
When the children tried to take it back,and failed to wear striped shirts,she reacted instinctively.

Key name we're not making for of: Edna Jester.

She was kidding guys! Get a life.

I'd ask for a continuance. She'll eventually beat the charge.

In your face, granny!

I think she's got a self-portrait up in the attic that is aging while she doesn't... She was my neighbor when I was in 3rd grade, and wouldn't let us go into her yard to get our errant baseballs! She was 89 then, too, so that's why I'm thinking Dorian Gray here...

...ongoing dispute in the neighborhood over kids' balls landing in the woman's yard. Wouldn't mind if some adults' balls would land in MY yard.... sigh!

Now, if it were a soccer ball, of course, but .....

Jester is to appear in court

would that make her the court Jester?

I SWEAR that is the same woman that kicked my dog for crapping on her lawn in 1973. And she was 89 then! At least!

Has anyone seen her come out in the daylight?

And the ball remained in her possession longer than any of the Bengals have been able to hang on to it all year...

Burn, jt!

Everybody knows that if a ball lands in another grownup's yard--unless the grownup is related to one of the kids playing, two things happen:
1) The kid throwing/hitting/kicking the ball is penalized; and
2) The ball belongs to the grownup now. You can try meekly asking for it back but the ball is officially the property of the grownup. It's the Kid's Code.

Frodo I SWEAR I did not read your post before I wrote mine. You know what this means, don't you? She moves around the country, house to house, faking her death every 10 years... or when people notice all the Little League teams are suddenly short of players...

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