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October 26, 2008


...where it is illegal to hold a public event without doing the Electric Slide.


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shake it siouxie!!!


You have my permission to shoot any guys caught doing it.

I see you, too, Jan!!!

Smoove moooves, blogettes!

HAH! No fair, Ms. Judi! You were there dancing with us before you took this vid! Admit it, you're an E-slide ho too ;-)

We had the best time and we're all exhausted. Jan is snoring and ddd just went to bed. I'm going soon as we've got to get up at the crack of friggin' dawn to get ddd to the airport. I'll have some pics sometime tomorrow when I can actually function.


In Chicago, the Electric Slide is a euphemism for standing on ice while being tased.

Hey, Macaroniena!

That's a dance? You old people are weird Wow! Cool, we should totally do that!

That's a dance? You old people are weird. Wow! Cool, we should definitely do that some day.

Weird? Old? Dances?

You talkin' t'me?

Well, if nothing else, I learned how to do the Electric Slide after standing around for 4 hours telling people; NO, the music isn't part of the Hunt.

Hi 'belle! Yeah, that's me!

I blame algore.

I am electric slide-impaired. I had an amazing time- can't wait for next year! There is video of one of the clues on my blog. I'll post pictures once I have a better internet connection.

Are Miamians (Miamistas? Miamigos?) required to check their firearms before sliding? Or do you just have to pray you don't bump into the wrong person?

You rest GO, girls!

i LOVE the electric slide! my kids were horrified, even tho they've known of my love for line dances for a long time.

next year, i'd like to volunteer. that way, even if i can't figure out any of the clues, i can be helpful to somebody. i was NOT helpful to my team. at all.

I love the electric slide and am really good at it (as long as I count the whole time: FORWARD 2, 3, 4, BACK 2, 3, 4...)

Firearms were optional this year, Meanie.

They were?


i'm a total electric-slide ho, siouxie, but someone had to shoot the video! (as opposed to the other dancers, meanie)

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