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October 21, 2008


The state of being dead. Also a goldfish.

(Thanks to Danny, Laura Musante, Jon Harris, and Cheryl Howard)


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Ah, Daleyville, my hometown. Looks like the machine is still working!

In my experience, "handling" charges are much higher....

Jazzzz, that might be a good thing to point out on the previous thread, too.

of course, this would be much funnier had I posted it on the correct link

*psychic simul with Jazzzz!* ===~~ Nice way to run into you after such a LTNS!!

I work with someone named Princess.

Now, when the dead goldfish starts receiving credit card offers, that's when you have to worry!

I've been charged for groping, but never handling...

Princess' vote is welcome in Florida.

It's obvious, people - Princess was murdered by a Repooplican.

Princess Nudelman WBAGNF just about anything.

Obviously a JAP, though a dead one.

If they can't keep their efforts focused on live goldfish, then I, for one, may have to rethink my pending vote.

Also, I agree with Jeff "Princess Nudelman" Meyerson.

And from the other side of the aisle...

"This person is a dead fish." Kinda' like Barack...

"Designed by Paul Stremple, an architect designing for many high profile fashion companies and also a pervert."

And somehow I posted this on the wrong blog. I love gin.

I pecked her eyes out, so she will need a ballot in Braille.

What's the big deal? There'll be a whole lotta dead fish voting this year!

we should "scale" back the fraud

BTW.....hey Diva !!! long time....how are the pipes? are you singing much?

Margaritaville - I laughed anyway. Viva le gin!

House is always amusing, butt tonight has been unusually fun. Well, except for the parts that aren't.

Well, I'm glad I could make your day a little bit better and talk about the awesomeness that is gin, Annie!

Sure, I can name all of 'em. Here goes: Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Mulan, Jasmine, Aurora, Pocahontas, and Nudelman.

Danny - that's from the Princess Diaries, right?

Then again, this was turned in in a state that shall remain nameless until you click on the link.

I reckon so. From those simple days of yore, before Disney decided to throw its marketing might behind Grdankl and The Armpit.

There's something fishy going on here...

This was NOT a mistake.

Dead goldfish have a vested interest in one of the most hotly debated issues of the 2008 campaign, and a main reason our beloved Dave is running for President, yes, of the United States.

Low-flow toilets are the bane of a dead goldfish's existence, and serve up the final humiliation of their short, pathetic lives -- an undignified funeral requiring several flushes.

Our Dave will solve this problem, and the dead goldfish will have a voice in the White House forever more.

So, sleeping with the fishes is a no-no?

Flush three times with a lo-flo if you want me...
Twice on my pipe if the answer is 'no-ooo...'

we should "scale" back the fraud

Posted by: Jazzzz | 07:54 PM on October 21, 2008
*snork* @ Jazzzzzzie!!

I voted on Monday and I can assure you...there were no dead fish voting in my district. However, I can't be so sure about deceased humans. They're pretty dang clever.

OOOooo, Cat; I hear you. Except they don't have pathetic, short lives.

They move to Florida. I found an enormous goldfish, or carp, or Koi, whatever false name they travel under, in the blackwater creek near cg's house. I explained to cg boys that he might be valuable, as a swing vote, so they have come up with numerous, devious plans that all wind up with explosions or some horrible death, then we sell it!

They are not very smart. Or maybe they are and the vote would still count!

I bet they're smart enough to find their way to Siouxie's house. Without assistance from large, plastic chickens. Har.

Smart, no. But very koi.

Dang-it Annie, ultimately, I claim distraction. I am certain I could have found Sio's house, without aid, butt cg kept pounding her feet on the dashboard (I'm not making that up) and laughing, then whooping every time we passed another giant chicken, and she insisted, "No, please, I'm enjoying your way of finding it!"

I was charmed, and helpless. This weekend is our First Anniversary and we can't get back down to the Hunt, butt it will be enough to just laugh, host ShyJan on her way down, plus feed and entertain all involved, plus watch my World Champion Gators, my soon to be World Champion Jags, plus pretend we care about baseball so we can bask in Ray-Glo. I hope you enjoy the rodeo, because I notice you seem disappointed about baseball for some reason and it is my fervent wish that you be happy!

CJ, dahlink, may you wander forever, circling a large, plastic chicken.

Happy anniversary, Crossgirl. I think the first anniversary gift is on the next fencepost--->

Are you saying that Nudelman is a retread,
just the same old heroine butt dead, in this case? (The song starts ~2 minutes in.)

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