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October 20, 2008


Tonight at 6:30 Ridley and I will be at Books Inc. in Alameda, which we are pretty sure is in California.


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For those of you in the San Fran area area, DO NOT MISS this show! It's worth skipping work for, even being late for a funeral (particularly your own!)

Yes, "Alameda" is American Indian for "mall-adjacent."

Dave, we'll just wait for you here in Miyammi. In fact, I just spoke with diverdowndoc and she is changing her travel plans to make sure she's here for the book signing too! (ddd, don't forget the lab coat) ;-)

::scrambles to figure out her city's public transportation options::

You betcha Americans need to know that Senator Obama has been palling around with members of Al Ameda.

Sigh. I'm having peninsula envy again.

As I understand it, Alameda is an island off the coast of Oakland.

BYOB! (Bring Your Own Book)(And Beer)

Annie dear? you'll just have to make it next year ;-P

No man is an island. He's a peninsula.
- "After Bathing at Baxter's" - Jefferson Airplane.

The People's Republic of Alameda anxiously awaits your visit.

BTW: the most extensive tequila selection on the west coast is about two blocks down the road at La Pinata. Just saying....

Excuse me, sir! Can you direct us to the naval base in Alameda? It's where they keep the nuclear wessels.

Sure, Jack. It's right down there by the water.

If you bring one of THESE, I know Dave and Ridley will happily autograph it.

I'm baaaaack!

My update on meeting the gang in Portland in the Portland post back a few thataway <------

Sarah P., given that spelling, that's appropriate for all involved.

Welcome back, Cheryl!!! (send me pics!)

Send the links so we don't have Judi reminding us about megabytes for pictures...

Only a minute to chat- Can't wait for the part-ay in Miami!! Siouxie- no problem with pan changing- in fact, the airline paid ME to change to Friday!!

Ice down the boxed wine and warm up the Velveeta® !

Can't wait to see you again, ddd!


I'm also bringing out the Twister™ and baby oil ;-P


You need to come to Texas for part of your tour!! My daughter is Pencil Wenzel in the Science Fair trailer and she is dying to meet you!!

P.S. We just bought the book today and she LOVES it!!!

Hey now! When are you jolly fellas gonna be stumpeting in SoCal???

Or have I missed it already?

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