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October 25, 2008



That's the bookseller, btw, just to the right of the eruption. Clearly he was unaware, at this moment, exactly what was happening.

(Thanks to Andy the tropichunt.com guy)

And here's a video of the same event:

In case that doesn't work, here's the link.


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Andy, you don't happen to have a vid of that, do you ??


I didn't realize that Yakov Smirnoff was now an independent bookseller in Florida. I thought he was headlining for Gallagher in Branson.

They look genuinely surprised it works everytime.

Here's the link to my photos and there's a shorter video clip of the experiment. ddd has a better one that's now processing on UTube but she'll post it shortly. I know judi also took videos.

Science Fair Photos

password , as always...is susy

My video starts a little earlier to establish the story in addition to the same video everyone else has.

Also, note that on the right of my blog is a list of photo albums- Herald Hunt weekend 2008 is in the "q" section. Just kidding- it is actually under "h".


Wait, how'd Mentos get in there...

great pics and videos ya'll! it's just like we were there, only different.

who's the spare chic and where's martinishark?

shyjan should be joining the party soonly.

Hey! Isn't Mentos™ the FRESHMAKER??

NARRATOR: "Not feeling very fresh, Punkin decides to use the scientific knowledge she has just learned from Dave & Ridley, and creates the worlds' most effectively freshening douche!"

PUNKIN: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, SO fresh...and fizzy, too!"

Punkin: I'm a guy of the male persuasion...and all I can say to that is...ewwww...

cg, the "spare chic" is nora. Another blogette from S.FL. She's up in West Palm. Martini is MIA???? I hope Jan gave you and CJ a hug from me - we're missing you guys (and Med too!).

Sorry I won't get to meet "Wanda" but I'd rather Jan get here safely. We're just chilling now and waiting to see what we do later on tonight. More photos and fun to come...

Oh and Punkin?? that's just tooooo sticky!

Hence the douche.....OHHHHH.....um....nevermind.

That could save a bit on batteries, no? Maybe help the environment a little?

Yakov Smirnoff? I thought he looks more like Jeebs (Tony Shalhoub) in Men in Black.

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