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October 25, 2008


Dave and Ridley danced their way into our hearts during the High School Musical 3 segment of the Science Fair book tour event.

And thanks to Andy the tropichunt.com guy for this close-up view:



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Fabulous! Next time, have Dave specify what he wants sung in waltz time!

judi, is there a problem with incoming? All of my e-mails this morning were returned together with a Delivery Status Notification (Failure) message...??

(readies FedEx shipment of wine and chocolate in case I have gravely offended the Gods...)

*sneaks in quietly*

Um...I may have something to do with why the blog (not The Blog) is not working. I sent judi some crap cam photos of last night and they may have broken the blog.

I'm sooooooooooooooooo sorry!!!

I'm ready to be fired. Although not till AFTER the Hunt ;-)

OH and these to gents looked lovely waltzing around..it was truly a sight.

They look very happy together.

You broke the blog, Siouxie? Uh, oh. You're in truuuuuble!

I thank you for owning up like that, Siouxie, as I was just about to call 911 like McCain's idiot brother...

*joins Siouxie in the dog house*

(Ya brought some booze I hope)

Ahhhhhh...gas money to book signing...$10.00
Fast Food for the kids after signing...$10.00
Dave and Ridley getting drunk at the hotel bar
after the bar....$440.33

Dave and Ridley dancing the waltz while promising to love each other at the prom in any language.......................PRICELESS.


uh oh, I think Zac Efron has some competition! hahahahah I just saw HSM3 yesterday, and that was spot-on sir!

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