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October 24, 2008


Ridley and I will be making a mess advancing the cause of science tonight at 7 at Books and Books in Coral Gables. Be there, or be dry.


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You should defintely go with the blue shirt. Or the other blue shirt. Or if that one is dirty, that other blue shirt.

A fine trio of Blogettes will be there to support you, Dave and Ridley. You bring the Mentos.

Make that a Quartet. Yes, we multiply at random!!

Suz is correct. Hurry up byotch! ddd and I are a-waitin'!!!


And here we sit, cg and I, waiting on ShyJan to roll in.

Tent up (rain)? Check!
Beer? Check!
Wine? Check!
Food? Check!
Jan? Probably lost!

Yay - have fun!
And Dave's nearly home - woohoo!

Dave - remember...just one Mentos this time!

Hey, for some reason my last comment didn't get on here. So let me try again.

Dave, remember, this time just one Mentos.

Ok..we are back from the book signing event and it was a fun time! We have pics that are loading up and we'll share at a later time. ddd, Suzy and I are at my house chit ch@tting and drinking vino.

I rolled into Florida with the rains. Woo hoo! Miami tomorrow, although there are a couple of people who don't want to let me take Wanda the about-to-die camper. She's gone over 2000 miles in the past two weeks, so she is going to Miami.

Crossgirl has a nice bed for me and I am taking advantage of it.

Hey Jan!! call me tomorrow when you're on the way!

Schadeboy, I urged Dave to use 3 Mentos. He's a wuss. Only used two. Hrmph.

we had a great time! parker is ready to do some more science experiments around the house. we've already done mentos and coke, and we currently have glue in the freezer.

hey, two suzes, how's your heads this morning? :)

I wonder what would happen if you put a pinhole in the cap and place the adjusted cap on top of the bottle of pop, er, soda, er, coke, er, whatever you call it there.

Would a three mentos reaction be as high as a reaction with greater pressure coming out a small outlet?

Nora- Since you asked me, my head is fine, and so is Siouxie's. I filled it with cheese grits and eggs and yummy breakfast-type things. I can't swear by SusyQ's, but we'll see her later. It was great to see you and the Nora clan last night!

NMUA- good luck trying to get the cap on in time. You might had created a WMD!

Pix are going up on my blog as we speak, but the video of the great Mentos Experiment will take a little longer.

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