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October 22, 2008


Tonight at 7 p.m. Arizona Pacific Western Daylight Standard Desert Time Ridley and I will be expanding the frontiers of human understanding at The Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale. Yesterday, at the Book Passage store in California, we managed to damage a ceiling tile with our scientific demonstration, and we are hoping to equal that achievement tonight.


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I won't satisified until you two destroy an entire mall. You'll need extra Mentos®

Careful of any load-bearing walls tho . . .


(Almost as much fun as "Petaluma".)

This experiment fizzes a little. Plus it's Halloweeny. You have my permission to expense it.

Have the Poisoned Pen people served you with the lawsuit yet, Dave?

The banner ads at the top of the Blog have been cracking me up ! Why do folks in Miami need "California Closets" ? I know that MY closets are California closets, because they're - um - here, in California. What makes them Californian in Miami ???
Also, just what, exactly, is a "coming soon" sale ??
I'm almost afraid to let Meanie and Cat loose with that !!

Serious freshmaking in the Arid-Zone-Out state (and only 1 calorie)!

And yeah, telecom. If a California Closet gets moved to the Florid state, is it "out" by definition?

As for banner ads, what I see is a suggestion that I compare my phone bill with Vonage. I did that, and they're identical, so that was a waste of time. I'm going back in the closet.

While in Portland, Dave and Ridly managed to damage a perefctly good carpet with their experiment. I think the third Mentos was to blame.

Then Ridley commenced to scrub the carpet, adding bottled water and mopping it up with paper towels--all the meanwhile Dave kept talking. Mostly about Ridley being a Type A personality when it came to messes. It would have been hard to disagree because Ridley did not stop with the carpet until no traces of coca cola remained.

Which had me wondering, does Ridley do windows?

I, for one, would HAPPILY hire Ridley to come experiment in my house and make all kinds of mess because I might have a clean house at the end.... I wonder if he's related to tony Shalhoub?

I was going to toss an "e" up to Dave, but he fixed his "achievement" too quickly. So I'll toss it up to Cheryl instead.

Type A? Who, me?

And it ain't a real party unless a carpet is trashed, is what I always say.

i just spilled a full glass of wine on the carpet, (and you know i don't mess around with sissy wine glasses, we're talking big gulp here)is ridley available?


A FULL glass? That's alcohol abuse!

Will Ridley be selling his poo or giving it away as a freebie?

trust me, olives, it was an accident. now is it gin and tonic or vodka and seltzer that take out red wine stains.

Dances - yes, you're right ! That makes the closet "out". Now it will demand to marry its Florida partner, then run away with the armoire.
You just can't trust anyone these days.

CG, I think CJ can take out the wine stain - drink the one YOU like and fix CJ the other. I'd say that's a fair bargain.

I don't really know what a "coming soon" sale is, but I would think it involves a premature transaction of some sort.

cg--I hear salt works for red wine stains. How you are supposed to get it off the rim of the Margarita glass is another problem however.

(All kidding aside. Zout ™ works wonders on red wine stains--just sayin')

*SNORKS* at Cheryl!

That makes the closet "out". Now it will demand to marry its Florida partner, then run away with the armoire.

Then France will surrender, NTTAWWT. I'll have a honkin' big nice glass of cab, por flavor.

CJ would get the stain out by cutting a whole in the carpet. :)

*cuts a "w" out of Annie's whole*


12 Mentos might not be too many. You should replicate the Orland experience to see if the 12 foot geyser happens again.


I was there at the Portland Powell book signing, too. That was really funny!

I'd never met Dave in person before, so that was really cool.

I just finished reading Science Fair today, and it was a lot of fun.

Kristina--sorry we missed a fellow blogger! We had never met Dave or Ridley in person either. It was great that they didn't scream for security were so agreeable for the photos and signings. We tried to tempt them out for a cold beer afterwards--but those Powell Books people had a few cases of books for them to sign.

Next time--we'll make it to Miami. :)

cg lies. What she has is 2 drunk dogs, after lapping up anything that spills, plus 3 cats planning a coup.

Every book place makes them stay late and autograph books. It's like detention. Perhaps you can skulk about outside and wait for them to finish, and surprise them with a cold beer.

That sounds good, Annie :) I did stick around for a while, but I was shopping - I can't go to Powell's Books without checking out the books.

Sorry I missed you too, Cheryl.

Sunday was, as Dave would put it, one of the highlights of my life (OK, maybe that makes me sound pathetic; oh well). I got to meet one of my favorite writers in person, and he was just as nice and funny as he seems in his columns.

He even answered my question about how he can tell if what he writes is funny (he said he can't; he goes with what seems funny at first, but by the time he's edited it 50 times, it doesn't seem even remotely funny).

And I got to tell him about this time where I was trying to read him a bit from Dave Barry Slept Here (because he wanted to know what I was laughing at), but when I tried to read it, I kept laughing too hard to talk.

Since it's late - for Kristina. The rest of you have read it, so no peeking. It's the story, nearly a year ago, of when Mad Weasel and I got to meet Dave and Ridley. And they're still being gracious to people. I want some of their meds.

Great column! Thanks, Annie. I did read it a while ago, but I'd kinda forgotten the details.

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