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October 22, 2008


Here we are at Books Inc. in Alameda, continuing our important educational outreach program to teach young people about important scientific things such as molecules.


Although perhaps we've been on book tour a little too long.


(Photos thanks to Mary Lee Shalvoy)


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Do I need my special Science Fair Safety Glasses ™?

To see the picture, I mean. Do I need special glasses?

Hat trick?

it's a molecular size crapcam photo, I guess...

Whr's phtgrph?

Maybe Dave left the CrapCam in Petaluma Petaluma Petaluma.

Sorry. I posted it before it was done. (Hey, I have had NO sleep.) Fixed now.

**China Clipper calling Alameda . . . **

He blinded me with science....

Yay - pics!

go take a nice long petalunap, followed by several ice cold petalubeers....

You deserve it, Dave...

Why do the faces in those photos look like Harmonee Prescott?

Brokeback Book Tour?

(aw, c'mon, somebody had to say it.)

Awww you poor dears. Maybe you need a snake massage to help relax those tired old muscles?

awww, looks like that blissful photo of House and Wilson on last week's TV Guide...

They make such a charming couple, don't they?

And YAY for the return of the blue shirt!

What's surprising to me is Dave wearing a blue shirt!

Just exactly what did happen in Oregon?

**China Clipper calling Alameda . . . **

Posted by: Mahatma Kane Jeeves ‹(•¿•)› | 10:55 AM on October 22, 2008

It's Davy Jones's part in one of the Monkees songs.

gjd: Zilch! You win a cookie! I saw the 'China Clipper' movie on TV and was surprised to see that was where it was from.

I like the second photo best -- the one in which you're filling out the paperwork for the civil ceremony signing books.

Weird things happen when you Pet-a-llama.

(Looks like they were Mentos for each other.)

Remember. What happens in Oregon, pretty much gets broadcast everywhere.

Yes, Cheryl. "Keep Portland Wired."

Note the pens permanently attached to their hands. I wonder if they're adhering to the skin itself or if the hand joints have frozen in that position.

You know, that bookstore seemed quite prepared for the Dave and Ridley show. Look at all the plastic covering everything up.

Looks like an Italian grandma's parlor furniture.

Ridley looks especially stressed, judging by that crazed...I don't think grin is the right word, exactly...rictus, maybe?

Yes, the crazed rictus on Ridley's face. Which is an alarming thing to see on somebody who writes murder mysteries for a living.

Perhaps Dave should double-check the lock on the hotel room door before retiring for the evening. Unless he's rooming with Ridley to save expenses, in which case he should look into getting his own room. Maybe Dave should prop a chair under the doorknob, too.

And make sure his life insurance is paid up...

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