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October 23, 2008



The Blog with Sharon (wife of Schadeboy) and Schadeboy, who says, "I hope that they will be invited back to the Poisoned Pen even after they showered the ceiling with Diet Coke."


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Yay Sharon and Shadeboy! A Twilight fan, I see.

Nice shirt (and wife), Shadey.

Alright Schadeboy and Schadeylady!

So, what's your hobby?

I see Sharon and Schade are going as Red Xs for Halloween; hey, that was my idea!

(oops, never mind)

I, for one, welcome our floating hand overlords.

It's good to see you, Mr. Sharon Schadeboy (where's your hand?) and Schadegirl!

*WAVES @ Sharon and Schade!!!*

Great photo!

I hate to say it, Dave, but I think you've been "out-blue-shirted" by Schade.

Indeed, that is a most excellent schade of blue!

Sharon broke the blue shirt ring!

MTB - My hobby is stalking praying mantises with a magnifying glass and shouting "Here's Johnny!".

It was such a great time to see Ridley and Dave. If there was one thing I took away from that signing (aside from my wife and over $100.00 in books) it's that you should never let English majors demonstrate the Mentos/Diet Coke theorem. Also, that only 2 Mentos are enough to create an 8-foot-high fountain of Diet Coke.

I guess that's more than one thing. Needless to say it was very educational.

Schade - well, I guess you picked an appropriate DB quote, then.

The C0ca Cola and Mentos companies, meanwhile, must be jubilant at the sales windfall from these experiments.

Yay, Schadeboy! Always nice to put a face psychotic hobby with a name.

I should mention a key quote, spoken by Ridley, from the event: "I'm still dripping!"

Only 2 Mentos? In NYC they used 3 and the spray only went up about a foot. Were they nuclear (or nucular) Mentos?

Well, if one has to be a "Twilight" fan, far better to be Team Jacob then Team Sparkly McAbuser.

(Sorry, I had to write a review of the wretched series and I'm still not over the experience. Does it show? :-) Jacob was the best character, though, up until the nasty little "romancing the infant" twist in book four. Yick.)

In all seriousness, nice to see you, Schade and Sharon (are you sure it wasn't Scharon, Judi?). Glad you had such a great time!

Oh, one more thing, Schade -- speaking as an English major, you should never let English majors demonstrate ANYTHING.

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