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October 21, 2008


Here's an exclusive CrapCam photo of Ridley in the back of a car, holding a poster advertising a Nov. 13 San Francisco concert called "Wild Women of the Accordion." Tickets are still available.


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Wow. Dave and Ridley are just a couple of wild and craaaaaazy guys, huh??

Will there be a mosh-pit?

Everything's going accordion to plan!

For once, we have the name of the band that would actually make a good name for a porno....

Maybe we should start a new category.

Do they play Dudes of Spain?

Seriously, I'll bet that's a good show... Too bad I'll miss it. I have tickets to a kazoo concert that night.

Like Yvette Horner?

Mama's got a squeeze box,
daddy never sleeps at night left.

Please note the entire ticket..
Wild Women of the Accordion Plus Big Lou's Polka Casserole
Not to be missed!

now i know who the song is about!

Ridley can have his dreams and I'll have mine.

It's official: Dave and Ridley are going to Hell.

Even better than accordions, and polka, Purple Haze, on Bagpipe

Fivver-I'm confused. Do you want to play violin or learn German?


fivver wants all one of them to rosin up his bow...

Finger his fretboard?

Tune his G-string?

firm up his frog ?

where's weird Al?
play that funky music, white folks...

I've heard classical music played by 2 old white ladies... on steel drums... at a church women's conference. I'm thinking the accordian/polka bash would be a step up.

"A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the accordion but doesn't"
- Source unknown.

Okay, there's Judy Tenuda and who else?

I can contain my excitement!

When we first moved into our house, eons ago, my ex tried to pawn off his "electric accordian" as a spare piece of luggage. Uh huh.
I could NEVER get him to pull out the ole accordian and play.
Go figure !

**his parents were straight from Germany, after WWII, and his first language was German, so it was kinda inevitable**

Poor ting.

Tele - my parents were both from Germany, straight after WWII as well. But they never inflicted an accordion, or any other instrument (oompah or otherwise), on me.

They also, and I thank my heavenly stars for this, did not follow the tradition of naming their son after their own fathers. Otto the Blue or Adolf the Blue really, really just wouldn't have cut it.

Especially in the Bronx.

God, I hope he doesn't read this blog: Poor guy was saddled with Herman Ralph. VERY traditional.
You were extremely fortunate, indeed !!!
I have to say that I still love Octoberfest and they have some very lovely Christmas traditions. Although the smoked eel was never one of my favorites.

He grew up in a hugely traditional Mexican neighborhood - so you know, the music is kinda similar. : )

Hey, my German grandpa was named Ralph, and he lived on Herman St. in Milwaukee.

He played drums, not accordion.

There are very many traditions that I love, and, having billions of relatives that are still there who we keep in fairly close touch with, I am very fond of "The Old Country". It's had its day in infamy (and I've learned of my family's involvement in ALL sides of it), but it is a beautiful land and is rich in magnificent culture, thought and history.

Herman Ralph may not be what he would have chosen for himself, if he'd had the option, but the heritage itself is worth very, very much, IMO.

fivver, remind me that I owe you a pint or six for turning me on to 'bond' with that link. How they avoided my radar until now, I'll never know.

Maybe I can return the favor: Ever heard of Nightwish?

Mr. R is a big fan of bond. He also likes Barrage, and the kids and I also really enjoyed their concert here this past spring.

If you're into babes on fiddles, you'll like them too.

Maybe I'm a little defensive because I'm married to an accordion player but what's up with all the snotty jokes? Here's some great accordion music:
Flaco Jiminez with the Texas Tornadoes
Danny Federice with Bruce Springsteen
Gogol Bordello
Anything by Art Van Damme

The building to Ridley's left (the right side of the photo) is The Opal hotel. I've been there!



The Opal

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