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October 20, 2008


You've got three minutes to come up with a solution for the low-flow toilet.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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More cowbell

*Heads for shower*

I'VE still got 52 minutes!

So, I'm not at my best, but I'll go with "Flush 3 times"

Yeah, "Flush 3 times" - I like it.

I probably will think it's stupid in 52 (51!) minutes, but for now, it's all good.

4:33? 4:20? HUH?

First, kill all the lawyers.

Meanie, I don't like the sound of "Heads for the shower" in a thread about toilet flushing! Ewwwww!


I wonder if that dude who was getting all warm and cozy with the car-wash vacuum cleaner was busted at 10:04. He definitely was having a "Eureka moment."

Have joy!

This is why we Left Coasters are so much smarter. Because we're later than you think.

23:30 east coast time- I had a brilliant idea, but I forgot it.

*Beep. 9:48 Pm. You have reached the Howards. We are currently unavailable as we are working on our cold fusion reactor. If you would be so kind as to leave your name and number, we will get back to you as soon as we are available.*

10:04 is exactly half of the present year, 2008. And twice the number of weeks, 52, in the year 2008. So it all makes sense.

I had the brilliant idea to go to bed at 10:04.

I think I have yelled "eureka" or something like that in the shower....and it may have involved shower heads

I think I have yelled "eureka" or something like that in the shower....and it may have involved shower heads

i did write it down, on the pad next to my bed... yeah, i have solved the most vexing problem facing humanity...........rtgbla fsing replugia ghoniche........uh oh.

It is a statistical fact that 87% of statistics are made up, with no basis in fact whatever.

People are at their most creative late at night with 10.04pm the most likely time for a eureka moment, research has shown.

ah yes, many a drunk young man has proposed a creative idea, late at night, often involving showering. and here all this time i've been blaming the booze.

I have an idea:

Let's start a blog based on humorous commentary of the news.

...What? Someone already had that idea?

(I may have creative ideas but at what time of the day are they original?)

Brainwave WNotBAGNFARB.

It's 10:04 p.m.

Do you know where your brain is?

Why was this poll sponsored by the Crowne Plaza hotel chain? What use can they possibly make of this information? Are they planning to install white boards in hotel bathrooms or something?

Key quote: "Taking a shower is the most popular way of getting our creative juices flowing"

Oh, it gets juices flowing alright, I don't know how creative they are though.

10:04 really? To me it's the time when I think, "Hey, I'm pretty sure I'm tired." Brainwave? Not so much. Curse you, unreliable statistics!!!

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