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October 27, 2008


Man urinates on dog after owner spurns sex

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Was he marking his territory?

When my roommate tried to seduce me and I refused her, she thanked me the next day. When she tried again the month after I moved out and I didn't refuse her, she again thanked me the next day.

Moral of the story? None whatsoever -- I'm just bragging.

On the paper, Choochy! Baaad Choochy!

Sounds like prime dating material, this guy. BYOU, tho (Bring Your Own Urinal)...

Oh, and WTG, WriterDude! You heartbreaker, you!

Well, you think you've heard it all...

WTG, WriterDude, for remembering that story after so many, many years. ;p

Not all that many, Annie -- just about 20.

For the record, I remember every single lady. Often.

(And if any were not single, I was not aware...)

They will surely look back on this fondly in their golden years.

Eeeew, Meanie. And stop calling me 'surely.'

When Dave wrote the headline of this article for this post, the "r" and the "n" are awfully close together (as I categorically deny I am at an age when I need reading glasses...), so it looks to me like the dog owner spums sex...

Mmm he's hot. And available?

you think so i don't belive!!

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