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October 20, 2008


A new amended law in Switzerland protects the dignity of vegetation.

(Thanks to DavCat)

DavCat also sent in this Science News Update


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Other species? Try kingdom . . .

I vaguely remember some science fiction story in which the protagonist could hear the screams of flowers being cut. Or maybe I made it up or dreamed it.

Sounds like a Robert Heinlein novel, perhaps. Or maybe I had the same dream.

As someone who has lived in Switzerland for nearly year, let me just say on their behalf: yes they are somewhat off the deep end sometimes.

I love peas.

Kiss my grits!

Mow your lawn, go to JAIL!

MKJ, we'll have none of your speciesism here. Or is it phylumism? And none of your disOrderliness...


(And please don't make any disparaging remarks about my voluminous appetite that would imply I have an eating disorder because that could scar me emotionally).

Hey! Did you guys hear that Nicolas Sarkozy's bank account was hacked into and money was stolen?

Amazing that he hasn't surrendered yet.

Shouldn't it be "the morel consideration of plants for their own sake"?

(bad pun - wrong kingdom)

That's OK, Clark. Audrey (I and II) had no dignity to start with.

Define dignity.

Dang. No more plant Speedos.

So the plants in my closet are protected?

What plants destroying the dignity of people? I am constantly being humiliated zucchini. And it gets worse... baby carrots smirk at me.

random, they're not smirking at you. They're smirking with you.

*snork*@ LM!

random, when I think of the indignities foisted upon me by fermented barley, malt, and hops, well I just blow a raspberry at the whole thing.

MKJ, I read that in a short story collection, 30 years ago. It may have been Harlan Ellison, butt if I'm wrong I blame beer.

Now Cat, she's got STYLE!!

The broccoli was staring at me last night. So I eated it.
I'm a vegetarian because I hate vegetables and want them to die. No, it's not easy being green.


*hands an "about" and a "by" to random, who might just be in the process of being made indignant undignified by CJ's fermented grains*

Thanks Diva, now I'm being humiliated by words. Or lack there of.

Is there no benefit at the top of the food chain?

Nah, random - just blame the grain.

Laugh if you like, but it's true: wheat doesn't get much dignity at my house, especially a couple of hours after I've eaten a bowl of WheatBran.

so no more xmas trees? or jack-o-lanterns?

Some vegetables do deserve dignity. Or else.

*Suspects Stephen King will use this information for plot development of his next novel...something scary involving a cucumber getting whacked*

With all due respect to Science (Update), I think we can all sense cucumber distress. Oh! They mean before they have been eaten. Never mind.

They exempted beets, right? Please tell me they exempted beets.....

(Private note to Mr. Completely: We're waiting.....)

The ones with fiber are so violated.

All this time, it was the lawn moaning and groaning. I thought it was our teenage sons.

I remember a plant screaming story from what had to be the early 80's. It would have been junior high and I read everything under the sun, so hard to pinpoint exactly when or what genre it was from.

I could have made it up because I really hated picking green beans in our garden. My mom still swears I can hear a phone ring six blocks away. But I think it is a real story.

Once upon a time...

It's a little late for the vegetation in Switzerland since the cows have been abusive for over 100 centuries. Oh sure,you can hear those blades of grass screaming out:
"We won't become cheese."
But who knows perhaps the other indignities,cow pies might be beneficial to the vegetation.

Key name the Blog is not making fun of : Beat Keller (the first name probably has two syllables)

But if this idea passes, what will vegetarians eat?

OBS--tofu? Becuase I'm not sure if that can be classified as animal, vegetable or drywall.

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