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October 27, 2008


Eight flights at Logan Airport were delayed by an escaped poodle named Choochy.

(Thanks to bob Brogan and RussellMc)


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"Her romp ended yesterday afternoon by Air France flight 7312. Choochy was later picked up at International gates 31, 33, and 35."

I expected guys to be more creative. They looked like they were trying to herd cattle? Amazed that it took them hours?
Bring out the firehose and blast that poodle!

First to say that Choochy & the Toy Poodles wbagnfarb.

Cuchi-Cuchi Choochy!

Poodles are squirrels with afros. Bad Choochy!

Choochy?! Can you imagine the ground crew personal running around in the dark calling out "Choochy"?

Too funny!

If this had been O'Hare, Choochy would have closed the entire airport for twelve hours minimum.

What's wrong with Choochy???

They should've used peanut butter to catch it. Everyone knows Choochy mothers choose Jif.

Bad Annie! Bad! No! No!

LOL Annie!

Cheryl, I bet they called it other things than "Choochy" at the time

Aw, come on. You know you like it. ;p

I wonder what the TSA folks said when she asked them "Have you seen my Choochy? I'll pay you $20 if you can help me find it!"

"Yes ma'am, we saw it when you went through the full-body scanner."

Annie, that was so bad, you simply have to read yesterday's Pearls Before Swine comic.

Don't try to stop me. I have a pun, and I'm not afraid to use it.

It's a good thing the Red So>< weren't in the World Series.

Ouchie, PirateBoy. But since I was expecting it, it didn't sting so much, and you can't call it a concealed wee-pun.

Are you kidding me? 17 hours? I've found the best way to catch a dog is not to chase it, but run the opposite direction. The dog will chase you!

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