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October 26, 2008


Tom Shroder and I were having our traditional pre-Hunt breakfast in downtown Miami when we were accosted by this panhandling squirrel. I gave it my wallet.


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Just hang on to that cool phone of yours, Dave!

Good morning!!

ddd, Jan and I just had our breakfast and we are waiting for ec and SuzyQ so we can head out to the Hunt and get drenched have a great time!!!!

That was the wisest decision you could have made, Dave. It wouldn't have let you out alive. It is the first rule: leave no witnesses if they fail to hand over the wallet.

The squirrel is a clue!

darn it, cj stold my line!!

cg and CJ!! we'll be missing you today and as my daughter would say...YOU GUYS SUCK!!! ;-P

This obviously is a relative of the Danger Squirrel that climbs my screen door, staring at me until I give up the sunflower seeds. Their stare is deadly... DEADLY, I tell ya!

Squirrels at the Hunt.

I agree with cj - it's a clue.

Awwww, how cu----I mean, EVIL SQUIRREL! DIE, SQUIRREL, DIE!!

Acorn-registered voter.

SNORK @ Stevie!

Dave, you should have given it Tom's wallet instead. Also, it looks like it took Dave's grammar while he wasn't looking.

And GO BLOG TEAM! (Please boo Dave and Tom for me.)

Now that squirrel is photogenic AND can steal Dave's identity.

And I was told by Andy that I couldn't bring firearms to the Miami or DC events WHY?

The boo-ing was epic this year, Meanie. And with good reason.

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