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October 26, 2008


As usual, confusion and weirdness reign. Also a little rain is raining. But we have a fine, if somewhat confused, turnout.


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The reign in Speign stays meignly on the pleighn?

Another clue?

Didn't you realize, Dave? The rain during the "Washington Post" Hunt was our inauguration of a new Hunt tradition, for you to take back to Miami with you for use in future Hunts.

You're welcome.

The ham in Spam® is no substitute for jam.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, the Hunt... GO* Sioux, ddd, ec, sq, et al.

*By saying "GO", I mean feel free to use the Port-a-potties stationed liberally throughout the greater Mijammi area.


My Hunt sources tell me that Andy The Tropic Hunt Guy got on the official map, and sure enough when I saw the picture, that was him! Very cool!


Have you guys been cheating? Oh wait, the answers must be posted already.

Not cheating, NSSJan, and probably not even reasonable guesses on my part. I'm just looking at the picture -- ING from the sign, FL and K from the flying torsos.

Of course, we can't see one of the runners. Perhaps there's an A back there. FLAKING? A promo for Shell & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo For Crustaceans?

Rain? In the soccer game in St Paul shown on Big Ten Network, it was snow. The Gophers won.

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