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October 20, 2008


<Flute 'n' Veg

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Gosh, how corny can you get?

Wes, apparently...berry.

Accordion to the website,

"Music Links is marvelous - absolutely fantastic! Throughout the project the students respect and attitudes towards the senior citizens was touching and reassuring"
Kim Guelfi - Principal, Richmond School

Is our children learning?

My Flute 'n' Veg in costume got me arrested. In Oslo, no less!
Should I report this to the Human Rights Commisson?

igloo, Norway.

What the he!! is up, Doc?!

This insults fruit and vegetable dignity. And a Pan Flute is not made from bread.

Hey iggy!! LTNS!

In Australian dialect, I think the grammar works. Then again, upside down veggies might weird words.

Hi, Siouxie, how are things? Are you adjusting to the M-T nest?

Yikes. It's the Wiggles on Metamucil.

Well, not Norway. The town is hot; the women are dusky; the men would not appreciate the "Flute 'n' Veg" outfit.


Actually, I'm adjusting and keeping busy. I have great friends to lean on ;-)

*smooch* to you! hope all is well in the Duckness house.

Hang in there, Siouxie. You will find the benefits soon, I think. Missing them is a given, but having the time to yourself is nice, too.

Hugs back to you. I miss being here.

Quote about making the instruments:
"The fresh celery addition happens minutes before the performance followed by a fine tuning session with the piano accordion using mung beans to slightly raise the pitch if necessary."
I find mung beans are very handy in raising the pitch myself.

Careful, NMUA. Verbing weirds language.

"Hammer & Tongues"

Don't be fooled. Just don't.

The scariest instrument pictured is the accordion. At least the guy with the grapes on his head isn't playing bagpipes.

Where's my gun?

That guy sure does look a little flute-y.


I'll stick with the real thing, thanks...

Got both their CDs too...

These guys did it better I think...


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