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October 23, 2008

CSI: (       )

We'll wait for the results of the autopsy.

(Thanks to Chris Lawson, queensbee, and Howard from Broward)


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As if that "game" couldn't get creepier!

As someone very smart once said, "There is a fine line between a hobby and a mental illnes".

taking the 'virtue' out of 'virtual'...

She's been watching too much South Park.

I suspect he dumped her for Lara Croft.

Hell hath no fury like a bat-s#!%-crazy woman scorned.

I can say, from personal experience, "AMEN to THAT, Cat!!"

One more reason why nerds should not be allowed to marry . . .

The woman used login information she got from the 33-year-old office worker when their characters were happily married, and killed the character. The man complained to police when he discovered that his beloved online avatar was dead.

Memorial services will be held 7:30 Saturday evening at the M.S. Dos Virtual Funeral Home, in the Blue Screen Chapel.

Ray Bradbury wrote a story about people who had androids built of their cheating spouses, evil bosses, etc., and then "murdered" them for the satisfaction of a guiltless crime. Excellent.

Hell, ya, Cat R!

Perhaps these people need a career in software development. I can testify it will cure any desire to have a second, virtual life.

*wonders if perhaps he, himself is only virtual*

*was reminded of data processing axioms*

If it's there, and you can see it, it's "real".
If it's there, but you can't see it, it's "transparent".
If it's not there, but you can see it, it's "virtual".
If it's not there, and you can't see it, it's GONE!

Possible hat trick!

The bot is displaying extreme latency this evening.

Rookie. When you want someone whacked, you're supposed to hire a Tauren from Warcraft.

I'm sticking with simple online games like this one. (warning for noise)

*makes note to have Weingarten's bot come over and murder Dave's bot*

Hat trick #2?
Yes, bot is being berry botty tonight.

Note to self: Either start wearing Depends™ or stop clicking on Annie's links.

Haha, Annie! You would have gotten me too if it weren't for Cheryl. Gracias, Cheryl!

Oh, man. You guys are no fun at all. ;)

If it makes you feel better, Annie, you got me, even after Cheryl's warning. Curiosity killed the duck, they say.




I can't believe I fall for that stuff, still. In October, yet. With teenagers in the house, even. I blame it on old age and a short memory.

This is SimCity. Some virtually kill for profit. Some virtually kill for the opportunity and thrills. Some just for spite. Ya' never know. My name's Friday. I carry a badge. DUM DAH DUM DUM!"

Sgt. Friday: Sir, you called about a murder?
Mr. Needalife: That's right, my avatar was killed.
Friday: Your what?
Needalife: My avatar... it's an online virtual character.
Friday: I see. What was the name of your avatar?
Needalife: Avery.
Friday: Avery the avatar.
Needalife: That's right.
Friday: When did you first notice Avery the avatar had been killed?
Needalife: This afternoon.
Friday: Do you know who might have killed Avery the avatar this afternoon?
Needalife: Well, there's my virtual ex-wife... I just divorced her.
Friday: Your ex-virtual wife?
Needalife: Yes, we call them virtual ex-wives in computer gaming...
Friday: I see. What was the name of your virtual ex-wife's avatar?
Needalife: Aphrodite.
Friday: Aphrodite the avatar.
Needalife: Excuse me?
Friday: Nothing sir. Do you know the name of the person behind Aphrodite the avatar?
Needalife: Ava.
Friday: That figures.
Needalife: Excuse me?
Friday: Nothing sir. Do you know anything else about Ava, the person behind Aphrodite the avatar who killed your avatar Avery this afternoon?
Needalife: Just one thing...
Friday: What's that?
Needalife: She's an aviatrix.
Friday: That figures. Let me see if I have all the facts. Ava the aviatrix, using her avatar Aphrodite, killed your avatar, Avery, this afternoon... Now is that about it?
Needalife: Just one more thing...
Friday: Yes?
Needalife: If I ever catch Ava the aviatrix who killed my avatar Avery with her avatar Aphrodite this afternoon...
Friday: Yes?
Needalife: I'll avenge him!

*Applause for Sgt. Joe Friday!*

Thanks, Cat! Just doing my job!

Xlnt, xlnt job, Sgt. Joe.

Annie, you're looking good these days.

I am disappointed to see the only non white person on CSI LV team being killed and replaced by another blond skinny doll.
Not only she remove diversity from the show, she also seem to take over the entire team by her actions.

It is not like Las Vegas is under apartheid and other origins are discriminated against.

It is a choice of CBS 13 to arbor humanity in its wholeness, and CBS 13 chose prejudice.

Since "d" has nothing to add, will someone at least ease my conscience that all of the charges/arrests reported in this story are related to ID theft, or computer hacking, or something that is actually a CRIME (rather than "virtual murder," "virtual theft," etc.)????

CSI (Matrix)??

Yeah, the new broad on CSI looks like a snoozer. I'm looking for a Cagney/Lacey cougar show with Callie from Miami and Katherine from LV.

If an avatar dies on the Internets, does the tree that falls on the bear sh!tting in the woods make a sound?

Suz?? a little early to be drinking the vino, ain't it??

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