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October 22, 2008


(Thanks to DavCat)


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What's next? Taxes on Elephant Poo?

"wrapping his lunch without a license"?

WTFBBQ does that mean in English?

Are we sure this wasn't a Monty Python episode? The Minister for Used Tea Bag Disposal?

Perhaps the wrapper is hazardous waste because it's been exposed to British food.

My first reaction is WTFBBQ, treating sandwich wrappers like industrial waste! But then again, we are talking about British food (sic).

When teabags are outlawed, only outlaws will teabag(?)

“We’re often phoning the council about fly-tipping round here. But do they do anything? No, they’re too busy coming after people like me.”

so fly-tipping is also illegal in the UK?... ...fascists...

ummmm.... what's fly tipping, anyway?

>quickly checks zipper<

ohhhh... fly-tipping = illegal dumping

Thanks, Russell- I was imagining a bunch of teenage brits going out in the field at night while the flies were sleeping and pushing them over- in Nebraska, they use cows...

Yesterday Mr Hughes branded their action “laughable". He was then slapped with a huge fine, and reported, "Yeah, it's not so funny today as it was yesterday."

Sounds like a job for Rumpole of the Bailey. The actions of the government appear to be violating the Magna Carta.

blimey. they're barmy.

That's a fight where I come from.

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