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October 23, 2008


Man brandishes BB gun after stealing deodorant

(Thanks to Lisa Martin)


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Hey, he could put out an eye and a nose at one time!

At least he'll smell nice for his cellmate.

BB gun. Deodorant.
France surrenders.

This is not the first time he has stolen deodorant. Police had to give him the third Degree.

Apparently, the supermarket did not hire the "right guard"...

They had to move fast to get the dogs after him... before he sprayed himself pretty.

So we have a guy running around in a state with "shall-issue" concealed handgun laws threatening citizens at random with a BB pistol.

Sounds like a Darwin Award in the making...

Will he be charged with sweaty theft?

Are they Sure they got the right guy? It's no Secret that there's a need to put a Ban on BB guns in supermarkets. Dial your elected officials now, and tell them to put the Axe on this behavior. We need laws passed with Speed and we need to make them Stick. It may sound like a Dry Idea, but I think it will work.

Cat is a Roll-On ...er, I mean on a roll.

Black handgun? is that a racist reference? or just AGNFARB?

I think Cat doesn't have Mennen nuff for that idea, unless he hires the right guard.

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