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October 27, 2008



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"It sucked."

Nothing was broken? So, the mobile phone came out fine.

"Can you smell me now? Good!"

What'd I say about talking on your cellie in the terlit????!

More bars - eewwwwww.

Ummm, did this happen prés or aprés, if ya know what I mean?

This would have an impact on the ewwwww factor.

Nothing was broken but his pride.

I think I'd have to just let that phone go.

prés or aprés,

Fields or rough-tasting?

Do you mean pendant or après instead? (during or after ; I might have been tempted to ask en train ou après

What, no photos? I want to see the guy on a stretcher with the toilet attached to his arm.

No, no, I said never stick anything in your EAR except your elbow!

Yo Plus, whateverezvous, dude.

France surrendered, oui-oui?

Le pew!

Stop talking on your cell phone and cr@-

I once used a port-a-potty and came ThisClose to losing my phone. I put it in my bra for the rest of the festival.

That's what happens when you stick yur nose where it does not belong. OK, OK, so the nose was close enough to the toilet rim.

I meant "your", not "yur"

Plus this was in England, Trix, so you meant "stick yer gob in the loo" instead of "stick your nose in the toilet."

I live to serve.

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