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October 24, 2008


Snake Monster Lake

Key Tourist-Attracting Quote: American Indian mothers used to tell children that a snake monster in the lake would yank them under water if they came close, LaLande said.


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I guess Loch Ness was already taken.

And when Indian kids wouldn't eat their maize, they were scolded and told about the starving children in Europe who didn't have any maize, and who, even if they did, would have to call it "corn."

The word "squaw" means "young woman" in some native languages but it took on a derogatory connotation...

As if "Snake Monster" won't????

In related news, my company has now renamed itself: Snake Monster, Inc.

Yes, pogo...so was "Boogeyman Lake"

I still prefer Lake Titicaca

"The word "squaw" means "young woman" in some native languages but it took on a derogatory connotation..."

In other native languages, the word "squaw" means "high energy collider", but they discovered it hadn't been invented yet and the word fell into disuse.

I just wanted everyone to know that I voted this morning. I wrote in Dave Barry for President.

Well, I guess that's one sick way to keep your children from drowning.

I much prefer the "you'll drown if you swim within 30 minutes of eating" that my generation was told.

Yaabut is it the giant invincible variety?

I remember we were in Colorado once and came across a lake called "Lost Lake."

I wanted to alert the media to let them know we found the sucker, but my girlfriend said I was being an idiot....

Clark--we have about a million lot of Lost Lakes in Oregon.

"Squaw" is derogatory, so let's change the name? More like "politically correct" is derogatory, so instead let's call it "hyper-sensitive pile of doodoo."

How about that -- they named a lake after me!

MS is a hyper-sensitive pile of doodoo?

Who else knew this?

Pretty much everyone, Cheryl.

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