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September 03, 2008


What's going on?¹

(Thanks to DavCat)

¹a song by Marvin Homosexuale


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“Tyson Homosexual was a blur in blue, sprinting 100 meters faster than anyone ever has."



The banner on the right is advertising online Buttociate's Degrees right now . . .

I'd love to read someone writing about the crow of a rooster in the morning after being run through the filter. Not to mention reading about a basetesticle game. Man, the possibilities are endless...

Member Chaney should look into this travesty.

There was a Marine in Florida who could never send anything to his aunt who lived in Essex in the UK.

I got clbutt coming outta my butt!

Ok, there's some smart folks here....can anyone come up with a word that would be worse after being "cleaned"? I figure there's got to be one, and y'all are uniquely qualified to find it. :)

HEY Mot!!! how goes it on your side of the blog?

This seems like a good time to mention Lake Titicaca.


Well, if the filter can't spell, you could say that America was the greatest vaginatry in the world, but that would be vaginatemtible.

LOL! There is nothing to say that's funnier than that actual article.

Yikes. Neither can you.

I would imagine Socrates' last words might take on a new meaning:

Crito, I owe a cock to Asclepius; will you remember to pay the debt?

Here ya go, SpecialNobodie

-The woman loved her cats so much that she was continuously stroking her vaginas.

-Penis Cheney came orgasmed to a fundraiser yesterday.

-The crazy cat lady kept acorgasmulating vaginas. She had so many vaingas that she couldn't take care of them all, and some started to be neglected. The police were called out and orgasmed to take all of the negelected vaginas away.

Viva vaingas!

i thought the original article was hysterical, and then i snorked all over your post, Baron.
and Buttociated Press seems fitting.

Anyone want a penistail from the blog bar?

LMAO Baron.

I love stroking my vaginacat. He's a real fluffy one.

What would have this programme have done to the Japanese olympians named Takeshita?

I recall reading in the early days of the Internet that AOL had Hooter Cancer discussion groups.

The poultry terms White Meat and Dark Meat were created so Victorians would not have to say Br***t or L*g at the dinner table. (Then they let their dogs in the house so they could say bitch.)

I also remember watching Married to It on cable one time...the audio was edited for television; the closed captions were not.

The question is, is our children learning?

Help me. I have a mental image of Siouxie's fluffy cat etched into my brain. And the cat is a man.

From a bio of Winston Churchill:

"Once the prime minister was at a reception where cold fried chicken was being served. The grand old man said, "I think I'd like a breast."His hostess admonished him. "Mr. Churchill, nice people don't use that word for that part of the anatomy. We say 'white meat.'" The next day, he sent her flowers, a very nice corsage. Attached was his official card, to which he had added, "I would be most obliged if you would pin this corsage on your white meat."

Which is why there'll always be an England...

Rolling. On the floor. Laughing. Literally. Not just at the story but all your breastillating comments.

Thank you all - I *really* needed this laugh today!


From one of the linked articles:

"Vice President privates Cheney ..."

Steve: funny bio story LOL

"Orgasm All ye faithfu1"
"Joyful and Triumphant"
"Orgasm ye! Orgasm ye!"
"To Bethlehem"

*WAVES handbasket @ Hammie!!!*


recently in health class my fourteen year old son was asked by his teacher the name for the pneumatic phenomina that occurs in men while they sleep and he said "morning wood".

it was a proud moment.

I find "ass" and "butt" to both be offensive so I go with the much more genteel version: badonkadonk

LOL and a proud dad you should be, mud! Classic.

If these filters were to edit even partial words as implied, the term homosexual when broken down would have two terms altered.

Homo would become homosexual, and sex would become intercourse thereby rendering the original as homosexualintercourseual. Just sayin'.


he said "morning wood" and lived to tell the story? his school must not have a stiff penil code.

Btw, random?? sorry to have given you such a disturbing visual ;-)

I do have a male cat. Really.

i have go work so i dont keep snorking my coffee on the keyboard


'he said "morning wood"'

I have had a "Norwegian Wood" earwig ever since I read that an hour ago.

Here ya go, pogo. I had the same earwig.

Hey, what's wrong with morning wood?

I once knew a teacher, or should i say, she once knew me.
She asked me a question, I answered out loud "Good morning wood?"
The teacher said to stay and told me to sit anywhere,
So i looked around and i noticed there wasn't a chair.
She sat on a rug, biding her time, drinking her wine.
She beat me until two and then she said, "You look half-dead".
She told me she worked out in the mornings and started to laugh.
I told her i didn't and crawled off to heal in the bath.
And when i went home i was alone, without broken bone.
So I slashed her tires, proud of my good, morning wood.

didn't johnny cash sing "Papa Sang Bbutt"?

then there's david hbuttlehof...

sorry, don't have more, lads and lbutties,...my brain is as slow as molbuttes today...

I thought that was Merle, pogo. I could be wrong though. Anyone give me some buttistance?

*grabs pen and paper*

*ready for penistation*

'fun with penis and jane' wbagnfa p0rno...

Yay to DavCat, providing me with mbuttive amusement today.

This just inhales, if you ask me.

although he was truly breastanic
and his size caused some girls to panic
it seemed mbuttive
though sadly pbuttive
was the cause of the problem organ-ic?

Nah, Cowhand. I can't even come up with a Merle title that has a word that can be swapped out.

awwriiight! Give it up fer Insom!


*checks online resume*

*changes 'Systems Rectalyst' to 'Systems Liaison'*

hope you're reading this dave..oh dear. i just cant get my breath. that's breath. hammie - you killin today.

*snorks* all around!

Ya'll are fornicating awesome!!

"can anyone come up with a word that would be worse after being 'cleaned?'"

A police story mentioning a suspect who penised a gun would change the reason he was arrested.

Do the filters recheck their own substitutions?

lassitude -> lbuttitude -> lbutbreastude -> lbutbreabreedere

Whatever, I'll never keep a straight face with the Buttociated Press ever again.

Poor NASCAR. They would have "Penis Trickle" as a driver.

And don't forget the PGA, with a player translated to "Penis Pride", which I sort of like the sound of.

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