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September 08, 2008



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You prepare for the hurricanes YOUR way, and I'LL prepare MY way.

Hmmm...Chicken Kitchen??

If anyone needs me, I'll be returning my extra packets of mayo & curry mustard sauce.


Do these ketchup packets make my butt look big?

I was in a local fast-food joint a while back, and a kid(maybe 15 years old) came in, grabbed a bunch of sugar packets and left. And it looked like his mom was driving the car he got into. Very wierd.

I can't get there today. Can someone pick mine up and send them to me?

A tree died to make that sign. Just sayin'...

Did anyone else notice the reflection in the glass looks like a pirate (head/hat) took the picture? He must like bAAARRRRGbercue sauce because it is low in cARRRRGbohydrates.

Now I feel guilty..I have an extra mayonnaise packet and would like to trade for a ketchup...

And it looked like his mom was driving the car he got into. Very weird.

*surreptitiously conceals splenda packet stash*

i had a friend whose parents used to load up on condiments, bread, butter, etc. at the buffet place. they would take enuf stuff to make lunch for the next day. it was kinda funny.

Annie: I have soy sauce from 1983. Do you want it, too?

Is our children eating good?

Dr. B?? was it refrigerated??

Hey: put those dang ketchup packs in the fridge this instant!

how else are you supposed to make tomato soup?

I once left some ketchup packs in the console of my car since since drive thrus are very generous with them and others require you to sign release forms to get more than one.

When I finally needed one, they had turned to barbecue sauce.

No. It's in little packets from a Chinese carry-out and kept in a kitchen drawer.

ketchup packs are very handy. Put a pinhole in one and tape it to your chest under your light-colored shirt. Tell your boss you're not feeling too good. Press the ketchup packet through your shirt. Voila!

The bot is acting up. Again!

The only food that will never spoil is honey - throw out all the other old condiment packets now.

moments later, French's surrendered...

Stop tellin' us what to do with our condiments, mary.

*snork* @ insom

Remember that guy that turned himself in after collecting something like 100,000 Taco Bell sauce packets? He must have swung through this place at some point or another.

I thought the guvmint was passing out condiments for free.

There goes my profitable condiment resale business.

What??? Doesn't everyone use 64 ounces of ketchup on their fries???

Only my son, Punkin...

98% of the population probably thinks the word condiments has something to do with birth control.

its guvernment cheese...not ketchup

Isn't it a little early for the "snowbirds" to be descending on the satae of Florida.

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