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September 18, 2008


You can have a case of beer per day. But keep your undies on.

(Thanks to many people)


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I'm confused, how many ladies will have to take their undies off to reach the one case limit?

I hope they don't get rid of All Boozeday Tuesday.

Or Tighty Whitey Friday.

Someone's getting their undies in a bunch.

Sooooooo - if you're going to be camping there a whole week, you can bring seven cases of beer ????

I guess that sounds about right. That's going to take a whole lotta ice ...

This headline caught my eye:
Turkish hotel fires philandering male staff

Wondering what that means exactly.
Was the staff detached ? Did they light it on fire ? How do they know it was philandering ?
So many questions.

A briefcase, is that it?

Someone's getting their undies in a bunch.

Posted by: slyeyes | 05:39 PM on September 18, 2008

♫♫ Hoi've got a lo-ve-ly bunch o' undies.
There they are a-standin' in a row. ♫♫

Darn, and I SOOOO wanted to got to the Bathurst 1000!!! Wait, there's always a loophole... I'll go with one of my non-drinking friends, who will bring a case with them... This may work!

Crikey! That Port-a-Potty vendor must be pretty happy!

Seems to me that any woman who would take off her undies in public for $50 doesn't quite grasp (or give a *@%# about) the concept of "Sexist".

I don't know how anyone can watch a car race while sober. I mean, it's just plain boring, apart from the odd "Correction" (aka 4 car pile-ups).


Have you never seen idjit Tony Steward race? It's nasty, it's unprofessional, but it ain't boring!

jus' sayin'...

Oh, wait, you did mention 4-car pile-ups... never mind...

That could even be "Tony Stewart" in previous post, but, who knows...

Did Dave say, Australian Rules?

I'm thinkin' the bot stole my post, but I'm waiting, because I hate doubles worse than I do stolen posts...

Nope, thar' she be! Arrrrggghhhh!!!

Wenches don't wear knickers. I hear.

Dang, this place is quiet tonight. I thought only insom and I would be riveted by the WV/CO game tonight.


Wenches wear kilts????... confused (as is usual...)

WD, what's the score? I've been too occupied here to even watch....

Just enter the Bathurst with an ethanol-fueled tanker!

Oi, cg, pack yer ditty, I made reservations at a fine hotel in Oz.

Tied @ 14 in the last :30 of the third, frodo. CU up at 14-0 in the first. Could go either way.

Frenchie, No knickers?

Reminds me of the joke...

Guy 1: "I have a dog with no nose..."

Guy 2: "No NOSE??? How does he smell?"

Guy 1: "Terrible!"

frodolives: The thing to take the Bathurst is an old couch. You sit on it to watch the race, then burn it before you leave. The Mount Panorama circuit used to make a delightful spectacle as evening fell, dotted with the flames of burning upholstery. Sadly, couch-burning is frowned upon these days.

Thanks to the floods of last week, we've got couches to burn here in Chicago. They're on the curbs. Help yourself.

ARRRRRRRRRR Mornin' ya scallywags! where be the grog?

*waits to see what crawls outta the bunghole*

Heck, buying by the case is the norm 'round 'bout these parts! Welcome to PA - Drink by the case - it's the law!

Camping around a track, race cars, alcohol. Great idea. "Is that a grille in your tent?" "No, it's just me mate, mate."

To be among the first...


AAAArrrr, after that single case of grog is gone, what do we do with the next 12 hours?

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