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August 21, 2008


"Oh, nothing much. Maybe just some cash."

(Thanks to jpenman and queensbee)


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It's good to keep the family together.

Geez, I'm a bad son. Mom and I don't do anything together anymore. Sigh.

She was probably in a minivan, talking on her cellphone.

And I was worried about what my kids watched on TV.

Glad to see Ma Barker is alive and well.....

Sort of makes lining up a hooker for Dad on his birthday seem like a good idea.

The family that strays together...

Soon to be a major motion picture starring Rosie O'Donnell with Owen Wilson and his brothers...

And they say the woman's 13-month-old daughter and two boys ages 10 and 14 rode along during the robberies in Greenfield and Milwaukee. ...

If she had left the kids home alone they might have gotten into trouble.....

"moooo-om, how come bradley, gets to be the holdup man?"

"'cause he's the oldest, and still a juvenile, also you couldn't see over the counter."

"gee, mrs. jones, this is more fun than when we played laser tag last week with my stepdad."

"thank you, why can't you kids be more like your friend here?"

"here comes bradley!"

"i call shotgun!"

"now, kids, shotguns are for bank jobs, maybe next year...now, who's up for robbing a dairy queen?"


Actually on TruTV the other day they once again showed the footage of the guy who takes his maybe 5 year old kid along with him while he robs a convenience store. The kid just stands there while the clerk whales into the robber, who still gets away dragging the little boy with him. Pitiful.

snork @ insomniac!

i hate it when we have to go robbing on my birthday mom, cant we just steal food from the grocery store??? could we steal some cake?????

Brilliant, insom! :D You should write scripts for the next CBS Movie of the Week: My Mother, the Wheelman.

Nothing like a summer getaway car with family.

Diva, that would have been a great movie for Stallone and Estelle Getty.

Maybe it was Bring Your Kid to Work Day.

How far away can the video game be?

Sadly, the 10 and 14 yr. olds are probably already lost causes too. I'd love to hear how they are in 5/10 years.

Sadly, the 10 and 14 yr. olds are probably already lost causes too. I'd love to hear how they are in 5/10 years.

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