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August 22, 2008


But there's a limit.



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can't wait for the clothes/hand dryer!

Do a load while you make a load.

Be extra careful of unbalanced loads.

Maybe wash your Horny Toad (see ad on the right) clothes?

What if you had to go really, really bad, but all your clothes were already clean?

Just wait. Some drunken guy's gonna think the washing machine is the toilet and aim at it.

i dont think so.

Make sure you close the lid before loading laundry.

These will be a big hit in laundromats.

I'd imagine you don't have to scrub that toilet near as much as the conventional model. Can you have a low-flow spin-cycle?

Since you're flushing with used water, do low-flow restrictions even apply?

Hey... my whites aren't as white as they used to be....

and dont get any teepee in the washer - it will get all over everything.
so does it take Tide, or Wisk, or ......Comet?? when your clothes are done, will it wash the terlet?
my 'i dont think so' comment above, didnt have to do with what siouxie said about aiming. it had to do with what a stupid idea a toilet-washing machine is. i agree with siouxie that drunk+toilet washing machine could be a real disaster.
what if the little flush handle breaks, huh?? will it mess up the laundry? ugh.
and where is the dryer? attached to the bidet?

One question: what if your toilet gets backed up??

A rising Tide lifts all butts.

At least it's not a dishwasher.

I gotta have it! It will go great with my kitchen sink/bathtub + garbage disposal.

What a load of crap.

Honey, I put all the laundry in the machine and pushed the button to start the washer, but I haven't seen any of the clothes since...

Where's the dryer? Over the oven?

LOLOLOOL!! Where do you get these pictures from?? lol!

What a great invention, now I can actually take a dump underneath the clothes that I have to wear to work tomorrow. :D lol

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