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August 19, 2008


Puerto Rico corpse kept upright for 3-day wake


(Thanks to Amanda Austin and Jennifer P.)


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The first time I read that article there wasn't a photo. It's WAY better with a photo.

Seems a bit stiff.

I saw this, but didn't send it in because I thought dead people were against Blog rules. Please advise.

That scenario just creeps me out.

All the mourners will be using these.

Not only was this in his mother's house...you can see the refrigerator about two feet away from him! "Hey Mom, I think something in the refrigerator went bad. Something smells funny." "No, honey. That's just your brother."

Dead people are ok on the blog as long as we don't make fun of their names and as long as it's tasteful.

Doesn't it just figure that this guy is a Yankee fan?

Makes me rethink this photo. Maybe that's Not really a cake....

Errrr, these!

what's the big deal? i've been awake for three days,and believe me, i feel like a corpse.

Maybe he always wanted to be a manaquin.

Was he laid to rest, or is he still standing while interred?

What exactly do you mean by that Cheesewiz?

*psst! cg! your "s" is hangin' out....*

"Taste"ful, Cheese? You make my point about him looking like that cake....

oneblank - that's an idea that could end the overcrowding in cemeteries.

In all seriousness though I was in a car acciedent on the 15th when they found him dead (I was in Tacoma Wa) and I cant help but think there but for the grace of god goes me.

That being said though when I go I just want my ashes spread some place cool.

Dont worry Siouxie it is not an evil link I promise.

Didja read the comment from the funeral director who said even he was creeped out by this?

A Citgo station?

Meanwhile, some

The first time I read that article there wasn't a photo. It's WAY better with a photo.

Posted by: OriginalEnigma | 05:00 PM on August 19, 2008

Exactly! I saw the story this morning and thought it was ho hum, but the picture of Angel really brings it together.

Run outta words, CJ? (Hi, Jeff!!)

"He wanted to be happy, standing."

Yeah. He looks thrilled.


How could they SLEEP in that house knowing he's just standing there...waiting till they all fall asleep so he could creep into their rooms...machete in hand...

Thanks, Stephen King.

Dear God. And thank you to Sio for reminding me that our great SK could find this workable material in this.

just call him angel of the mourning...

(think r.e.m)
in the place where he lived
(face him north)
think decomposition, wonder why he's not
on the floor
in the place where he lurked
think about possession, do his eyes follow you
out the door?

if his wishes were reasoned, would t.v. be a-calling?
whatever the process, his stench is appalling!
his feet don't want to be underground
his friends are there to move him around

so stand...

♬ Don't you know I'm still standing deader than I ever did, looking like a true cadaver...♪

and *snork* @insom's "angel of the mourning"!

Maybe he OD'd on Viagra. (we all know that if a lawyer takes one, he can't sit down for three days.)

Excellent, insom. I went country...

Prop me up beside my coffin if I die
Lord, I want to go to heaven, but folks just want to say goodbye
Pull my cap down on my head, I’ll stand so I’ll hear what’s said
Prop me up beside my coffin if I die

Just let this corner be my earthly shrine
Let me stay here watchin’ while you drink your box wine
It don’t matter how much you pour; you’ll be creeped out more and more
When you stagger to your bedroom, don’t forget to lock the door!

Please come by for the viewing, but be sure to hold your nose
While you pay your last respects, I’ve begun to decompose

Prop me up beside my coffin if I die
Lord, I want to go to heaven, but folks just want to say goodbye
Pull my cap down on my head, I’ll stand so I’ll hear what’s said
Prop me up beside my coffin if I die

If you're not completely creeped out by now, check out more photos here.

No thank you. I am completely creeped out by now.

Just bangin' in the 'hood wit mah homies.

Even deceased, he can't seem to resist "winding his clock."

At least he has his Dolce Gabbana knock offs because otherwise why be buried?

How can his brother kiss him knowing his face is covered in make-up and his lips are sewn shut?


*heebie jeebies*

Even deceased, he can't seem to resist "winding his clock."

Posted by: CJrun | 09:01 PM on August 19, 2008


Itchy balls?

C'mon, JD, let's just "GET'R DONE!!!"

Exactly, frodo!

I kept trying to figger out where my comment "I think they forgot his jukebox" ended up. I finally remembered I wrote it on the e-mail I sent this in with.

Too late, as usual.

Sorry, forgot who I was.

Siouxie, is "Itchy balls" a pool or billiards term I haven't heard of yet???... jus' wundring'... I SAFHH it doesn't involve the well-noted machete... (You've targeted me before, with results being... YOU... 10 [maybe 15], ME... 0) (THIS TIME, I want to try and score on the safe side, K?) be buds, and thus being, forever, well, BUDS!!!...

Well, I think you know...

"frod olives"

All your special embalming treatment are belong to us!

Well, Ducky, on THIS blog, people pretty much express themselves with all their open hearts!!!

frodo, can I borrow your SAFHH? I like that a really lot.


Wonder if they played this at the wake:

"...It's a dead man's party
Who could ask for more?
Everybody's coming, leave your body at the door
Leave your body and soul at the door.

Don't run away!
It's only me..."

--Oingo Boingo, "Dead Man's Party"

frodo, I wasn't going to hurt you till you linked the dreaded BM. Now you'll have to wonder when and where...when you least expect it. I'll get you ...


Indeed, Sioux, I know a Death Wish when I see one.

Still sitting here, all alone.

*flaps in for a moment*

bali!!!! We're finally getting RAIN! Woo-hoo!!!

OK, we're getting thunder and lightning now, too. Gotta shut down the computer. bali, and all, have a good night.

Sent all that to you, Duck! *takes credit* DUCK!

Uh oh... I've seen your machete, Sioux..., SO, FOLKS, it was nice interacting with you while it lasted, but:

"From Hesperia's Forbidden Fields he took his stand and said, 'Here I abandoned peace and desecrated law; fortune it is you I follow. Farewell to treaties. From now on war is our judge!' Hail Caesar! We who are about to die salute you!"

(WTF, better than Siouxie's 'chete, I'm thinkin'...)

Any takers on the over/under?...


Siouxie, before, ya' know, the end, can I put in my last will and testament that "SAFHH" goes to baligurl? It would mean so much... ("SLICE")

bali, I wanted to go out strong, 'cause I GOTTA feeling Siouxie's gonna feed my gonads to the fish... and after I (ISTG!!!, I have never rarely posted a BM pic!!!! (...thinkin' I'm in BIG trouble...)

btw, Siouxie, did I tell you what a NICE MACHETE you have??? OK, rest a' you folks, it was nice while it lasted... It's up to Sioux, and we all know what that means... Hope they are at least NICE fishes...


What? No Department of Motor Vehicle jokes?

There was a guy who died in his workstation sorting mail at the USPS who ended up being paid because his supervisor clocked him out when paramedics declared him dead. The supervisor violated a work rule which did not require that the employee be living to be paid for not working.

Geez...relax, frodo. No need to get your panties all in a bunch. Just don't do it again! ;-P

Thug Death Reprasent!

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