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August 21, 2008


(Thanks to SharonCville)


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If they were advertising the Spicy Habenero ones, I bet Earth will be the first target of choice...

I have an old roommate who swears that aliens have been stealing his Doritos® for years.

...and French Onion Dip surrenders.

I for one welcome our new alien overlords.

They can't be worse than the current administration.

"We also shouldn't be too surprised if the first aliens start arriving on planet Earth immediately demanding a bag of Doritos."

"The cleverly created advert features a tribe of Doritos escaping from the pack and sacrificing one of their own to the God of Salsa."

I can see why the ad, as described in the second line, would bring about the response described in the first.

Don't worry. Any invaders would obviously be alien stoners who probably won't have the ambition to do any harm.

...aren't we trying to COMMUNICATE with aliens?
do we really want them to think that we're a sentient race of heavily seasoned, corn-based chips?
Also: _this_ is how we continue the legacy of Pioneer and Voyager?
*shoots self*

Good point, Layzeeboy, but...protect the beer!

I thought aliens liked Reese's Pieces ... ?!

I'm thinking...they have some serious problems over in England, don't they?

We outlawed lead based paints years ago, too bad they haven't yet.

I can see the first transmission we'd get back in response:

"All your chips are belong to us."

They should be advertising slug flavored slime balls or cat juice. Ha! Ha! I kill me!

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