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August 21, 2008


In addition to alligators in the streets, they also have critters on the airport runway, including, "two gopher tortoises, four walking catfish, an alligator and a blue indigo snake."

(Thanks to Corey Smith)


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Cracker buffet!

“We thought one of the tortoises was the top of one of the taxiway lights — then it started to move,” said Cliff Graham, the airport’s operations manager.

Nice to know that the operations manager is that familiar with the equipment.

"two gopher tortoises, four walking catfish, an alligator and a blue indigo snake."

And a partriiige in a pear treeeee ...

SNORK @ Steve.

The tortoises were moved to the airport’s designated gopher tortoise relocation area, the walking catfish and snake were tossed back into a nearby pond. The gator wanted no part of the action and scampered back into a drainage ditch..

See, that's why I never became an air traffic controller...all the technical terms.

"the airport’s designated gopher tortoise relocation area" Good to know they are prepared... jus' sayin'...

Yum, catfish.

*snork* at cj.

of course they're at the airport. modern day noah's aren't gonna waste time on arks.

I posted some cool NASA footage of Fay back on the earlier Melbourne thread...

Dibs on the snake!

Fire up the barbie, darlin', and find that extra long shishkabob skewer!

"This is your captain speaking. Our takeoff will be delayed a bit. There are snakes and fish and gators on the runway, and I don't want to mess up my nice clean plane if we hit them."

(With apologies to the Doobies)

Catfish are walkin'
That plane wheel thumpin
Fay's water keeps rollin on past just the same

Old Fay water, keep on dumping!
Melbourne moon, wont you keep on shinin on me?

If any of them were try to board a plane, they'd be considered carrion carry-on.

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