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August 04, 2008


(Thanks to Joe H.)


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Sounds like my kind of guy!

He will now spend his hours as an equipment manager for the Aussie bicycling teams. "Adjust that seat for you?"



Oh, sorry. I um, err, uh...yeah.

*Waves @ Siouxie!!* (Catching up from before)

"Both incidents occurred before he became leader this year."

I'm sure once he attained a position of greater power his moral and ethical standards became MUCH higher.

You mean that type of behavior is frowned upon? Dang.

"Mr Buswell ... admitted to sniffing a chair of a female staff member and snapping a Labor staff member's bra."

Y'know, it doesn't mention whether the female was sitting in the chair when he tried to sniff it.

On the other hand, I strongly suspect that the other female was in fact wearing the brassiere in question at the time of that incident.

Wait - he's the perv, or I'm the perv?

So he's stepping down to face assault and harassment charges? Riiight?

On the other hand, he's perfectly qualified to be a junior high school class president.


hmmm without mentioning any names...


Do I even have to mention, Ms.Siouxie, who it is that provides us with merriment from the online pages of eXremerestraints.com? (put the machete DOWN)

Sniff a seat, lose your seat.

Huh?? I have NO idea what you're talking about, Sharkie.

Lol I'd say he's the perfect guy fer you, but he didn't have the ball-gag, he's liable to be talking.

Best line in story: "The emperor had a lovely set a clothes for a while."

*crosses Australian politician off of career aspiration list*

I mean if they're gonna hold you to that a standard...

high a standard...high a standard

Padraig, she was and she was. The guy is kind of a creep.

Speaking of Exploding Mascara:

"I would like to reassure all of my customers that the mascara in question is a brand new item from a reputable supplier. It is actually a Rimmel Lash Maxxx mascara and they assure me that it is impossible that it exploded and even more unlikely that such an explosion could kill anyone. "

Ah shoot, and I was just about to buy some.


Note: No offense is meant to whoever the seller is.

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