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August 19, 2008


(Thanks to Dave Roe)


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Will this madness never end?

If you're so stupid that you can't connect one end of an arrow to the other, then your vote probably shouldn't count.

Agree Ken, if you can't figure out to move your hand in order to see what arrow you're marking, you have much bigger issues than voting!

What about the old X-in-a-box method?

that sounds like the voting system we have here in Oklahoma. WE have figured it out. It is not complicated. Sort of like connect the dots...

People always get upset when I say this, but, honestly, I think there should be some sort of intelligence test one must pass in order to be qualified to vote. The lack thereof explains why there are so many idiots in office.

Perhaps we should have left-hand and right-hand voting booths... or just have them play the lottery : Ovals are used on standardized tests and in playing the lottery. Thus, the study says, voters are more likely to get it right with ovals over arrows.

DAVE --------------------> BARRY


I don't understand why elections people keep fooling around with ballots to decrease their usability with "creative" approaches. Clear design and optical scanners are not new, and I'm to the point now where I'm more likely to believe in malfeasance than accident. I mean, there are limits to the amount of stupidity I can believe in, and a lot of elections officials passed them long ago.

Al Gore has just filed a lawsuit.

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