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August 19, 2008


The devastation has been devastating. A reader named Dan sent us the photo below, showing just what can happen when winds of this magnitude impact a domicile. We apologize for the graphic nature of this photo, but, dammit, the public needs to know the truth.



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Oh, the humanity!

Save the chicken!

Accccggghhhh, No! The devastation, the tragedy. Look Away, Look Away!

Oh, the humidity!

It can drive people to Miller Lite in the can! The Horror!

My heart goes out to that poor soda can.

Thank you Lord, it's not a beer!

How can people continue to live in such a cruel environment?

My prayers are with you.

Where's FEMA?

Why isn't there a Weather Channel, reporter there? Should have boarded the can up with plywood.

It'll take MONTHS to clean up that spill.

It's a good thing they closed the schools. What with toppling soda cans threatening the poor school kids.

A similarly devastating tragedy befell Casa Q. I lost TWO LEAVES from a plant! Oh, how will I ever recover?

This is what happens when people don't hunker.

*SNORK!*@ Lairbo.

That poor beer can still had some life giving beer in it.
WHERE IS FEMA?!?!?!?!?!?

What a tragic waste of good mixer. Damn you Fay!!

I lay the blame here on the homeowners. With an approaching storm you should take appropriate action. Beer should be in bottle form, secured in an anchored bottle coozy rated for squall conditions, and remove from any areas affected directly by the weather. Also, you could drink the stuff down.

Drinking at 6:30 in the morning, eh Dave? Shame!

Trapical Moth Fart WBAGNFARB.

TROPical! TROPICAL! Where's a freakin' spell check when you need one?! Or better yet, the ability to edit our own comments.

The US Army Signal Corp annual conference in Fort Lauderdale this week has taken the proper precautions for this storm.

"No Hawaiian shirts may be worn during conference hours."

That is an order.

Tropical Moth Fart ==> Rampart Coot Filth

I know you said hang in there and help would be on the way Dave but I just found out she has to work late tonight. Guess I'll have to live amongst the devastation for a little while longer .....


Unlike a fund with mortgage obligation,
The only thing we lost was vegetation.
In cleaning up our yard of that debris,
I realized how banks are like a tree:
If branches and deposits there are less of,
There's not as much around to make a mess of.

Light verse, ripped from the headlines


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