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August 19, 2008


Party cloudy, with an 80 percent chance of lost sphincter control.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

(UPDATE: Also thanks to everybody else in the world, according to judi)


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judi fired, mudstuffin inspired in 3, 2, 1....

Snakes have sphincters? Who knew?

For some reason, this picture also reminds me of the old joke that ends, "Wow this water's cold!" "Yeah, deep, too."

After Kurtis' wheelbarrow broke down, he had to hire a guy to help him around.

Is that a snake in your shorts or...Holy Sh!T!!!

Wow. It takes two hands to handle that snake. Is he single??

Annie asked.

boy, if there ever were an invitation for a butt-snake poem... just to show you all that i still care:

clean and sober now for 79 days
i’ve mended fences and amended my ways
no longer the loner - my bitterness gone
i accept responsibility for what I have done

i know now a snake is not a life-ender
i no longer need those fortnight long benders
i accept my snake now as a part of my life
even though it cost me a career and a wife

to keep myself strong, and to keep myself sane
and when the night voices call out my name
i call a time-out, quit playing the blame-game
and i accept my lot, and cast out the shame

so if you see me coming, no need to turn aside
let the little kids stare too, it won’t hurt my pride
for the narrow path i’ve found and on it i will stride
and one day at a time continue - serial homicide.

Key phrases: "a python started to slither inside his shorts" and "crush"... Eeeeek!

Now, if a sniper had nicked him during that interview, he'd have won the Murrow Award immediately, despite the Australian judge's damned tie-breaker system...

See? that's why *I* never sent this in. Someone had already posted the link a few days ago.

YAY to mud!!

From tailor's notes: Waist - 40; hips - 44; inseam - 38; leans VERY left.

Here's the actual vid which I posted under the Mona Lisa thread last Wednesday:

it's hilarious!

I love how the sign in the background says "Ridiculously High Standards."


". . . and there's rocks on the bottom."

Bravo, mudstuffin.

Just another thing we missed while at the State Fair. Saw it on the news the next morning. My husband turned to me and said, 'Where were the snakes???'

"He was quickly rescued by snake's trainer and co-anchor Steve Karlin who helped unwind the amorous Dawn."

Amorous Dawn WBAGNFARB.

At least she kissed him before shoving her head in his pants. That's classy.

We made it this far without any use of the term "trouser snake"...

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