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August 13, 2008


This little boy was scooting around Tiananmen Square, pursued by his mother.


Here is the back view of the same boy. Maybe he was fleeing his mother so she would stop doing Olympic-related things to his hair.



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I think he just bumped into wet paint while texting.

The father is Dennis Rodman?

Parental humiliation is apparently universal.

Look yall.. it's the year of the rat.....tail.

i'd heard that scalping had become and issue but i just assumed the news was referring to tickets.

Poor kid. That's child abuse!

When is it little Hei Ai Mo's turn to do Mom's hair?

When is it little Hei Ai Mo's turn to do Mom's hair?

awwww, that's adorable! he got into the scissors again, did he?

Guess it's good they didn't host World Cup Square Dancing.

I see rednecks come in all nationalities.

Look! Little aliens have burned little crop circles into his head.

SNORK! at Jon... But in the Chinese spirit of the Olympics, they're not real crop circles, it's a special effects fake-out done with that magnetic fuzz that comes with the faces.

You sure that's not the kid's VIN number?

I can't wait for BOCOG to sue the mother for unauthorised use of the Olympic rings...

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