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August 20, 2008


When you have it, you have it.

Advisory: This is WAY better with the sound off.

(Thanks to Clown Puppy)


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Wow. She wouldn't have made it past even the initial screening for American Idol. Or the Gong Show.

Works well with the VIDEO off, too.

I think my internet connection was a little wonky.

Thanks Clown Puppy.

I'm speechless.

And apparently, Britney is voiceless.

She should stick to being a Mom. Er, maybe not.

I am no Brit fan, but that can't be real, can it?

lol @ Melody

I am SO bummed. Need to wait until I get home later to hear this artistry because it won't load here at work.

How is it that she continuously makes K-Fed look like the brilliant one?! Are you sure this sin't dubbed from her rehab sessions?

Not to defend her, but lots of singers lip sync to tape. Her 'live' mic was on so the audio guys knew when to turn it up for her ad libs between songs. She never expected this feed to be recorded. That said, lip-syncing losers beware...

I would HOPE she never expected that to be recorded, Annie. What you said made sense. It sounds like she's just kinda going through the song (in a very very bad way) and not even TRYING to sing well. Not that she ever did, mind you.

This is no surprise to me. She's ALWAYS been talentless.

I think she was just mouthing the words and focusing on her 'dancing.' I once saw someone knock Madonna's mic from her hands. Miraculously, her voice somehow kept coming out the speakers. Hmmmm.
Siouxie, when I saw them, the Bangles played to tape all the time. The keyboardist (male), was completely offstage when I saw them. Yes, they can sing pretty harmonies, but that's about it. Hoffs blew both guitar chords she had to play. It was very sad. Go-Gos, OTOH, rocked.

btw - good to see you made it thru today safely, Siouxie.

Thanks, Annie butt...I haven't left yet ;-(

We leave tomorrow early in the am and once we get her checked in and settled, drive back at night.

THEN, I'll need my wine ;(((((

You have to wonder what she put the crew through to have this released? And it's on You Tube, so it wasn't made public for the money.

Ok, Sioux. Safe trippin', then. Wayne, it probably didn't take much.

My ears are bleeding. That was hideous.

She makes Paula Abdul look talented.

That reminds me of this. There's a whole collection of them...top-notch stuff.

Gimmee less
Gimme less
Gimme gimmee gimee less

Oh, and when you listen to that, be sure you aren't drinking anything when the sax comes in.

That reminds me of this. There's a whole collection of them...top-notch stuff.

OBoB - I didn't hear anything sax-like on that...I think at one point someone stepped on a cat. Maybe that's what you meant.
Not cool, though to say Clapton did that. I mean, WE know better, but newbies might not. Ick.

but siouxie, i thought the whole POINT was that they would be able to drive up together and you wouldn't have to go both ways! yikes! that's a LOT o driving.

yeah judi. NEXT time. Alessandra drove up 2 weeks ago cuz she's an orientation leader. So now we have to get Kristen there. From now on, we won't have to drive up. Tomorrow thought..it's a long drive.

Is it real, or is it Memorex?

Was she singing badly? For some reason it didn't bother me... Clearly I need help...

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