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August 20, 2008


The little furred bastards are up to something.



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Hey, has anyone seen my Piña colada?

Just practicing for the Olympic Nut Put.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Mark my words, those coconuts will soon become deadly weapons in their tiny little hands.

So should that squirrel be wearing a tiny palm frond down in front?

He shoots ... he scores!

This plus this equals this?

they 'aven't got horses, they're banging coconuts together!

SNORK @ crossgirl... He's practicing for the beer stein hoisting event; isn't it obvious?

Hokey smokes!!!

That Atlas story was a crock

The ancient Greeks believed the earth was flat.

Show me your nuts.

Is that a squirrel shofar?

I've seen this before in cartoons. The terrorist, er, squirrel, will stretch a long piece of rubber tubing between two trees, put the coconut in the middle, take square aim at Dave, and...

That statue is a forgery. The world was flat back in those days.

Vas you dere, Sharlie?

Atlas isn't holding up the world. He's holding up the heavens (i.e., sky), which I guess was depicted as round back then?

No, he's right, I nearly fell off a couple of times...

"all your nuts are belong to us"


Coconut Milk: The first eye drops for blazed chipmunks.

eye drops......thats good stufff Tarzool! how long have you been squirrel bloggin? also if you think this is interesting check this out! photoshopped the squirrel ones myself ;) http://www.freakingnews.com/Squirrel-Pictures--2038.asp Feel free to find me on facebook for more!


I'm sorry, but which of those pictures were photoshoped? And since I couldn't tell which Jackie Chang was your profile, I chose one at random. If it wasn't you, and you still want to find me my Facebook (fake) name is Shane Zhou. I'm from Madison and I'm the sexist picture you will find.


just requested you! shenBo?

No thay twerp is a shadow of my formal self - I hiked high into the mystical territory hidden in the Andes and befriended a group of traveling snow leoperds. Praying upon lost and terrified penguins led me to a new sense of self and my new name previously stated.

Let's not forget I easily surpass the beauty of ShenBo.

Thanks for taking initiative tho, that's hot.

funny i had almost the same experience...except my reincarnation involved mudwrestling a tribe of angry midgets, rehabilitating an overweight sealion with some major self-esteem issues if i might say so myself, and learning how to prepare and roast an entire lamb...maybe would could exchange travel photos sometime?! and im sorry that your new found self is not on facebook......that's so not hot.

tarzool: this squirrel i met yesterday told me a real sad story....thought that you would like to hear this since your lifes work is about rehaibiltating and counseling squirrel youth. so anyways i run into this squirrel (name is nutty) thats like the john of squirrel names, which you probably already now. and he told me of his hardships of losing his nuts and not being able to find them. what a sad story. turns out it was his best friend who took his nuts and to top that off he also took his girlfriend.....damn. not cool at all. hope that you are inspired to travel the world and reach out to young squirrels like my new friend Nutty :)

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